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Accommodation in shared Spanish student apartements

During the university semester we can take the necessary steps to provide accommodation with Spanish university students. This has the advantage that the only means of communication is through Spanish language; thus, linguistic immersion is guaranteed.

Accommodation in shared Spanish student apartements


The location and facilities of the flat will depend on the offer. We try to find flats as close to the school as possible and we take into consideration the needs and requirements of our students.


This type of accommodation does not include a cleaning service. Bills, such as electricity, water and gas are included in the price of the accommodation.


This type of accommodation is only available during university semesters (from October to June). During the exam period it is very difficult to find student flats which wish to accommodate foreign students for a short-term stay.


This option, more so than others, requires reservation as early as possible. This is due to the difficulty of finding this type of accommodation for short time periods or for dates during which Spanish students are already settled in.


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