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SIM Card

SIM Card

One of the most required petitions of students in Valencia is the possibility of acquiring a Spanish SIM card, due its usefulness, especially for students who are staying for a long time in Valencia, such as Erasmus, au pairs...

With a Spanish number, foreign students can save some money in national calls. This way, it is easier for them to communicate with their new friends in Valencia. Also, there are many offers which can be profited by the students. They can choose diverse options: only calling, calling and Internet, text messages for free, etc. This way, every person can choose according to their requirements. 

Here you will find our recomendations:

  1. Happy Erasmus

Cards are really inexpensive and they also have a good quality/price relation. It is easy and quick to activate them and access to Internet is available from the beginning with options of flat rate in the data plan. These are the cards that have many Erasmus and exchange students. You can recharge the credit of your SIM card at the Happy Erasmus office or at any telephone charge point, many gas stations or post offices and many more places. You can buy the card at the Happy Erasmus office. 

More information: Happy Erasmus

  1. Orange






8,95 €
(VAT included)

1 GB/month at 4G/4G+ speed

0 c./min 
+ 20 c. call set up fee (VAT included)

12 c./text
(VAT included)

  • Calls cost 0 €/min so you can talk at the best price, whenever you want and as much as you want. 
  • Text messages cost 12 cts. (VAT incl.) to everyone during 24 h.
  • Calls to Orange lines with high quality and clarity (Voz HD).
  • The monthly fee allows you to forget about credit, you pay only once and you can enjoy Ballena plan during 30 days. 
  • Every 30 days your data plan will be renewed, so you can always be online. 
  • Calls made to 902 numbers will have an additional cost of 0,61 €/min. (VAT incl.) with a call establishment cost of 0,18 € (VAT incl.).


You can buy it at any Orange shop.

How does the plan work:

When you have enough credit, the cost of Ballena rate will be deducted and from that moment onwards you will benefit of it during 30 calendar days (until 23:59 of day 30). If you have enough credit on day 30 at 23:59 h, the fee will be automatically deducted and you will enjoy of 30 more days of your Ballena plan. 

 More information: Ballena

  1. Yoigo

La del cero 1,2 GB

1, 2 GB (data plan) – 0 Cent/min (VAT incl.) – 8, 80 €/month (VAT incl.)

  • Monthly payment 8,80 € during the first 6 months. Afterwards, 11 € month fee VAT incl.
  • 0 cent/min calls to national cellphones and landlines, 24 h everyday, and 20 cent VAT incl. of call establishment . Additional charge services are not included (901, 902, 70x, etc.) nor are short numbers.
  • Internet includes 1,2 GB/per month high speed internet access until 4G, afterwards speed is reduced to maximum 128 kbps without any additional costs. You can use your data for Calls and Video Call IP (for example Viber, Skype, etc.).
  • 12,10 cent VAT incl. national and international text messages
  • 36,30 cent VAT incl. national and international multimedia messages. 

More information:

  1. Simyo

    You can create your own rate. 

    More information: Simyo


    1. Movistar

    Prepaid Card VIVE 7 – Minutes: National: 3cts/min with 20 cts of establishment call cost; International: from 1,21 cts/min with 36,30 cts of establishment call cost. – Data plan: 600MB – Services: 4G+

    Rate price 7€/mes VAT incl.

    More information: Movistar


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