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Alojamiento con familia españolas
Alojamiento en piso compartido de estudiantes españoles
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Accommodation with Spanish families

Spanish families are carefully selected by Costa de Valencia, escuela de español. All families are experienced in welcoming and accommodating foreign students. Usually, there is only one student per family so that the only means of communication is Spanish language. In addition, this type of accommodation allows students to get to know Spanish families’ way of life and to integrate with their customs, social norms and timings.

Accommodation with Spanish families


Families are located in the vicinity of the school (15 minutes on foot or by using public transport). Normally there is one individual room available for the student and communal areas are shared (kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room etc.)


Services included in the price, on top of your boarding, are cleaning of your room and washing of your clothes.

The following options are available:
    •    Half board (breakfast and dinner)
    •    Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

The type of food served will be the typical one of the Spanish diet.


We have availability over the course of the year. Accommodation is available from 5pm the Sunday before the course commences until 11am the Saturday after the course has finished.

It is possible to start the accommodation earlier, or leave later; as long as the student informs the school, well in advance. 


Many Spanish families have access to the internet in their homes.

Files with detailed information about families
If you would like, before your stay begins, we can send you a file about your allocated family with detailed information.  We do not send information too far in advance because there could be last-minute changes concerning the allocation of the family and we want to avoid misunderstandings.


Whenever you want, you can request to change the accommodation you have chosen. Before your stay begins, this change is free. Once you have commenced your stay, this change will continue to be free if it is asked for within 10 days after application. A change within these 10 days can result in costs if there are third parties involved. Please enquire for further details.

AccommodationPrice per weekExtra day
Single room, half-board200 €30 €
Single room, full-board225 €35 €


Choose your Accommodation 
Choose the date you want to commence the accommodation
E.g., 06/02/2023
If you need one or more days, send us an e-mail to and give us the exact dates.

Select the number of weeks you want to stay

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