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Alojamiento en residencias universitarias
Alojamiento en residencias universitarias 2
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Alojamiento en piso compartido de estudiantes españoles
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Accommodation in university residences

If our students wish, we can reserve university residences which are in the vicinity of the language school. This type of accommodation is ideal for those who are looking for greater independence or privacy and, at the same time, want to enjoy daily contact with Spanish university students.

Accommodation in university residences


All residences can be found in the vicinity of the school and the University of Valencia (approx. 1000m).

It is possible to choose the type of room (single or double) and the accommodation type (accommodation only, breakfast and rent, half-board or full-board).

The type of food served will be typical one of the Spanish diet.

The rooms are equipped with private bathroom, telephone and free access to the Internet.


This type of accommodation includes a cleaning service. The following facilities are also available: library, TV room, dining room, ICT suite, laundry room…


This type of accommodation is available throughout the year. During September (at the start of the university term) and February and March (with the changeover of semesters) there are likely to be less free rooms due to high demand. Because of this circumstance and also because this is an external service, it is not possible to make the reservation on-line. Please check availability by sending an e-mail



Reception 24h
All residences have a 24-hour reception service.



Whenever you want, you can request to change the accommodation you have chosen. Before your stay begins, this change is free. Once you have commenced your stay, this change will continue to be free if it is asked for within 10 days after application. A change within these 10 days can result in costs if there are third parties involved. Please enquire for further details.

AccommodationPrice per weekExtra day
Double room, rent only190 €31,25 €
Double room, breakfast included225 €34,50 €
Double room, half-board260 €46 €
Double room full-board300 €51,75 €
Single room, rent only265 €36,50 €
Single room, breakfast included295 €41,25 €
Single room, half-board325 €51,75 €
Single room full-board360 €57,50 €
Prices may vary according to availability