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The most typical fruit of Valencia: The orange
The most typical fruit of Valencia: The orange Anyone who has visited Valencia will have noticed that there is one fruit that undoubtedly stands out as the Valencian people's favourite. It is round, citric and if we tell you...
DELE exams
The Diplomas de Español (DELE) are official qualifications, accrediting the degree of competence and command of the Spanish language, awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education.  The Instituto Cervantes is the body in...
Reyes Magos en España
The Three Wise Men in Spain The new year is beginning and with it most countries bring their Christmas festivities to an end. Once New Year's Eve is over, it's back to the routine and Christmas is over. In Spain, however, the...
The tradition of the 12 grapes in Spain
Visiting any Spanish supermarket at this time of year, you will have noticed that many of their stands promote one fruit in particular: grapes. And no, it's not that Spaniards are crazy about its particular flavour and that'...
The most typical Spanish recipes for Christmas
It's December and the Christmas spirit is here. For Spaniards, it is a time for reunions and family gatherings.  In a country with such a rich gastronomic culture as Spain, it is to be expected that if there is one...
Training course: The Albufera of Valencia
Training course: The Albufera of Valencia, its natural, scenic and cultural values. The whole team of Costa de Valencia, Spanish language school, not only the teachers, participate in a large number of training courses...
The manual ringing of bells
The manual ringing of bells, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity There are now a total of 12 Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity sites in the Region of Valencia At the 17th session of the...
Valencia - the best city in the world to live in
Valencia is voted the best city in the world to live in, according to Forbes magazine. In the publication of "Neither Madrid nor Barcelona: this Spanish city is the best city in the world to live in - Forbes Spain" Valencia is...
The best cities to travel in Spain Spain is a country that stands out for its countless attractions. Its gastronomy, culture, history, people and landscapes attract people from all over the world to its territory. However,...
VALENCIA TO BE EUROPEAN GREEN CAPITAL IN 2024 Valencia's commitment to sustainability has been recognized at the European level with the designation of European Green Capital 2024. The accolade comes on the heels of other...
How much time do you need to learn Spanish? One of the first doubts that come to our minds whenever we decide to start learning a new language is how much time we will need to learn it. At Costa de Valencia, Spanish...
Public Holidays - Costa de Valencia, escuela de español
Public holidays in the city of Valencia (taking into account local, regional and national holidays)   The work schedule has a total of 14 public holidays in Spain, some of which are national public holidays for the...


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