BACK TO SCHOOL SAFELY - Current situation regarding COVID-19 - | Costa de Valencia Escuela de Español. Valencia, España

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BACK TO SCHOOL SAFELY - Current situation regarding COVID-19 -


BACK TO SCHOOL SAFELY    - Current situation regarding COVID-19 -


Are you planning to travel to Valencia to study Spanish, but are afraid of possible restrictions due to the pandemic? You can rest assured! 

The Valencian Community has already started its de-escalation, thanks to the lowest incidence of coronavirus in Spain. Mobility restrictions have been lifted and the regional government has announced that, if this continues, the rest may soon be lifted.
Valencia has a current incidence of 40 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants. This is the lowest figure among all regions in Spain and is six times lower than the national average. It is also one of the few European regions at low risk of coronavirus infection, with current levels of infection being truly anecdotal.

European airspace is open. It is possible to fly between most European countries under certain criteria. Learning a language such as Spanish is one of them. With a letter of confirmation from our centre you will have no problems travelling to Valencia. Spain requires a negative PCR test on arrival, done a maximum of 3 days before travelling. There is no need to quarantine yourself; your course can start as soon as you arrive.
The most notable restriction in Valencia is currently that you cannot go out in the street from 00.00 h until 06.00 h and that the hotel and catering trade must close at 00.00 h.

To facilitate the decision to book a language stay in Valencia, we have made our booking conditions more flexible: the full amount of a booking will be refunded if a student, due to an international ban, is unable to travel. In any case, it is also possible to postpone the Spanish course or change it to an online course.

Remember that Costa de Valencia, escuela de español has the Escuela ELE Safe School Certificate from the COVID-19, awarded by the Federation of Spanish Schools for Foreigners in Spain (FEDELE), the Tourism Quality Commitment seal in recognition of promoting Valencia as a safe and quality tourist destination and the SICTED Advanced Good Practices recognition for reducing the risk of contagion of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in the tourism sector. This last seal is awarded within the framework of the Integral System of Tourism Quality in Destinations (SICTED) of the Secretary of State for Tourism of the Ministry of Tourism, an award that very few Spanish language schools for foreigners have been able to obtain.


As you can see, there are no more excuses to book a Spanish course with us with all the guarantees of quality and prevention that the current situation requires. 

We are waiting for you with open arms!