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Complete your internship with us!

We, Costa de Valencia, escuela de español support students from all over the world to grow profesionally and, at the same time, learn Spanish. Therefore we welcome students each year to complete an internship at our language school.

For the following months we offer internships in the fields listed below: 

  • Activities: planning and carrying out of the leisure time and socio-cultural activities. The students should be animated to participate in the different activities. Also the intern should be joining in and helping organize and plan them.
  • Marketing: Updating of the website, as well as the pages of social networks. Writing, correcting and translating press reports for both the website and the blog are considered to be the scope of task of this territory.
  • We also offer spots in the field of graphic design and photo and video. The first pays attention to designing our books and didactic material. The second occupies itself with taking, publishing and working on photos and videos.

We consider the interns to be the interface between the team at the office and the students. Therefore they should help out with the daily tasks in the secretary as well as participate in the weekly changing leisure programs.

Furthermore we offer the interns a course at our school for free and a discount for living in one of our apartments for the time of the stay.

The only conditions to complete an internship at our school are to have a minimum language level of B1 and duration of the internship from four to six months. For a good student's coverage we advise to opt for doing an internship with the Erasmus+ programme although to sign a direct agreement with the school is also possible.

Feel free to contact us if you have further questions concerning the availability and other conditions at: