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¡Costa de Valencia, escuela de español: we are on Instagram!

For a couple of weeks, here in Costa de Valencia, escuela de español, were are very excited for our new Instagram account. How could we improve our presence in social networks? We concluded that this was the best moment to join the ‘insta’ revolution.

Being one of the fastest-growing social media, and its memebers being mainly young people, this app that allows users to share pictures through the cellphone represents very interesting opportunities: it is the perfect net to broad our presence online.

Costa de Valencia , escuela de español gives a very special importance to our free-time activities and we like to share pictures of them. Because of this, we are willing to know about the reactions of our students and friends in Instagram! 

We would like to use this app to share beautiful pictures of Valencia's landscapes, our students, teachers, secretary team and of our free-time activities. 

On the following months, while we launch our new corporative brand, we hope Instagram helps us not only to widen our presence online, but also that it allows students of Spanish language all over the world get to know our school. Also, it is the perfect platform to be connected with our former students! 

Visit @costadevalencia at Instagram, follow us, leave us likes or comments...or better, do everything!