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Enjoy the beaches of Valencia in a different way!

Doing water sport is becoming one of the perfect activities to enjoy the summer in such an incredible city as Valencia. More and more tourists are the ones who join courses to learn practicing water sport while they spend their vacation in the capital of Turia.

The beaches of the city are turning into the perfect scene for water sports and the extraordinary climate of the city makes its practicing even more enjoyable during the vacation. The port of Valencia, recently redesigned as sports port has all necessary facilities to learn and practice sports like light surfing, paddle surfing, kayaking, snipe and windsurfing.

More and more people decide to sign up for the different courses which are offered in the port to enjoy the climate and the beaches of the city and to get to know people from all over the world. And not only younger ones dare to plunge into the sea, but also older people make use of this fun way to spend the summer.

Besides acquiring the necessary theoretical skills in the beginner courses, participants can put into practice what they have learnt. For instance, you can play being the captain of the boat for one day. It’s the best way to learn and do sport for the most adventurous ones!

Costa de Valencia, escuela de español offers the possibility to its students to participate in these courses while practicing the language which they learn in class. Thanks to this more and more students get to know and take part in those kinds of activities which adds even more value to their linguistic stays in the capital of Turia.

Take the opportunity to combine your Spanish course with cultural and sporty activities in Valencia. We will see you in the water!