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It's our anniversary!


It's our anniversary!

We are 25 years old as a Spanish language school for foreigners and it is time to take a look back at how far we have come thanks to you.

It all started in 1992, when Andreas, one of the current directors of the school, came to Valencia from Germany as an Erasmus student. After finishing his studies and having experienced firsthand what it was like to learn Spanish at that time, he analysed the strengths and weaknesses of the Spanish language schools at that time, especially those in Valencia. It was then that the idea of starting this educational project arose and he decided, together with Manolo, another of the school's directors whom he had met during his university studies, to lay the foundations of Costa de Valencia, a Spanish language school.

And so this adventure began; starting in a small and modest building with only three classrooms. Little by little the school grew and we experienced important moments, such as the creation of the Mediterranean Association of Spanish Schools (AMEELE), together with five other academies in the Valencian Community, at the same time as we were gaining presence in the main international meetings and fairs of the sector and we were receiving different recognitions.

The year 2004 was an important moment in our history, since, after an exhaustive quality control, we obtained the seal of Accredited Centre of the Cervantes Institute, a recognition that highlighted the quality of our services, accredited our educational project and allowed us, shortly after, to become an Examination Centre for the prestigious Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE). Also in the same year, the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry accredited us as an examination centre for its specialised Spanish exams.

In addition, we began to cooperate with institutions such as the Conselleria de Turisme de la Generalitat, a collaboration that would prove to be fundamental in positioning Spanish language learning in Valencia as a unique and quality brand on an international level. During all these years, we have not left behind our learning philosophy: for us, learning a language goes beyond mere grammatical or lexical knowledge. Our motto: "Come, learn Spanish and... live it!", captures this holistic vision that involves soaking up the soul of the language, through the experience of integrating into the native community and recognising and valuing the intrinsic cultural aspects. This vision of the language acquisition process means, on the one hand, that during our classes we prioritise communication from the first minute in real and motivating contexts for our students and, on the other hand, we carry out an endless number of excursions and activities that allow our students to get to know first-hand the culture, traditions, festivals and gastronomy of our city and of Spain in general.

Twenty-five years is a long time and we have also had some difficult moments, although perhaps the greatest challenge we have experienced has been the one that has occurred in recent months in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, despite the situation, thanks to our experience and the enormous effort of the whole team, we have been able to overcome this situation by transferring our teaching to the digital world with the same educational quality as always. We are among those who believe that "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger", which is why we are absolutely certain that when this situation is over we will emerge stronger and more united than ever.

However, the situation forces us to postpone the celebration of our 25th anniversary to the summer of 2021, although the postponement of this "birthday" so special for us does not detract one iota of pride and illusion of having come this far, nor the desire to continue celebrating years. In Costa de Valencia, escuela de español we have been adapting over the last quarter of a century to all the new developments until we have consolidated our position as one of the benchmarks in the teaching of Spanish to foreigners. And we continue and will continue to do so in order to live up to our students' expectations and respond to all their needs. Our commitment to excellence and quality is as valid today as it was 25 years ago.

And, of course, all this would not be possible without you. Thanks to our teaching staff, who have been involved and committed to quality education for so long, for your hours of dedication and for being, in short, the essence of the school.

Thanks to all our administrative staff, because you are the first to have contact with our students, the first "visible face" that represents us, and the ones who activate the gear to provide them with a complete experience. Thanks to our service staff, because your work is fundamental to the smooth running of the school and without your work the school's activity would not be possible either. Thanks to all the institutions that have placed their trust in our centre and have awarded us different recognitions that have allowed us to position ourselves in all corners of the world.

And, especially, a thousand thanks to our students, who for 25 years have given us their trust, accompanied us and encouraged us to take on new challenges, always motivating us to give the best of ourselves.

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