La Fallera Mayor visits the central office of Cáritas Valencia | Costa de Valencia Escuela de Español. Valencia, España

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La Fallera Mayor visits the central office of Cáritas Valencia

Last Monday, 11.03.19, the Fallera Mayor of Valencia visited the central office of Cáritas Valencia. Witnesses of this visit were also students of the Spanish school Costa de Valencia, who enjoyed this small act where they presented the solidariy falla.

The slogan of Caritas 2019 falla is "Give your heart to improve the world". The monument has been elaborated by the volunteers and the hired personnel of the institution and, one more year, has as objective the awareness of the fallero world and the society in general.



The act began with the reception of the Fallera Mayor of Valencia by the director of Caritas, Ignacio Grande, the reading of the manifesto and the usual globotà (balloon bursting) and the distribution of horchata and fartons.



Costa de Valencia, Spanish school collaborates with Cáritas Diocesana de Valencia. In recent years, the Spanish school has received several foreign students who have been enrolled in one of their long-term Spanish courses free of charge, with the aim not only of improving their level with the language, but also of bringing them closer to Spanish culture and facilitating their integration into the country, given the nature of their situation at risk of exclusion. This collaboration opens the doors to future solidarity projects on the Costa de Valencia, while continuing with their regular classes receiving students from the 5 continents, with the aim of preparing extensive long-term Spanish courses for 2019/2020.






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