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Learning Spanish midst beach and culture

Valencia – a holiday destination which offers everything for a language vacation

Valencia. Summer is coming and each year the same question arises: what should the next vacation be like; a vacation full of nature, beach and good weather or a holiday filled with site seeing, culture and monumental variety?

This decision is always hard, because everyone should get as much as possible out of the vacation. It should be relaxing but at the same time educational. A break from the day-to-day work but not wasted time – and if possible connected with a Spanish language course. Here the Spanish city Valencia presents itself as possible destination: a place which has everything, for young and elderly, from the sea to the historical center and all of this while learning the local language at a language school.

Valencia shines through its clean beaches, where the language students can cool off or get some tan on a hot day. But also on the outskirts are marvelous things to see. The nature reserve “Albufera” is located only 30 minutes by bus away from the city. Here you can relax on the nice beaches with dunes or take a cruise with a boat and a local guide who explains the history and use of this reserve in Spanish. A trip is offered every week so everyone can join, enjoy the day, and easily make new friends. Hence the students not only improve their knowledge of the language, they also learn new interesting facts about the flora and fauna of Valencia.

Who wants to take an educational trip can go during the day or in the evening to the Ciudad de las Artel y las Ciencias - an impressive monument of the modern age, which includes a museum of science, an opera, the Oceonografico and the Hemisferico. Also going there with some friends from the language school and just looking at the buildings is a trip worth the while; the whole complex is a piece of art itself. By walking through the park you feel as if living in the future. Furthermore a variety on artistic museums not only offer shelter from the heat but also a broad field on exhibitions. In big halls the historical pieces from Spanish artists are displayed, like this the visitors can learn more about the past of the Spanish royal families.

And for whom this does not cover the hunger for more education can go to the historical center of the city. Old buildings and big squares invite to relax by a nice cup of coffee, the center also offers – typical for Spain – an arena for bullfights. Every Monday the language students of the Spanish language school Costa de Valencia have the opportunity to go on a Spanish guided tour through the center to see all the important sites.

But more is to come: every weekend different trips to the surrounding landscape and other cities outside of Valencia are offered. This way the students get to experience the real Spain very easy, without having to rent a car or going on public transportation.

It is obvious that Valencia is the perfect destination for everyone which offers everything from beach to culture. Therefore this city should definitely be considered when asking the question where to go for the next vacation.