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Nueva política de privacidad

Costa de Valencia updates their privacy policy

Protecting our customers’ privacy and managing their personal information correctly has always been a top priority at Costa de Valencia. We consider transparency, as well as an active communication between our customers and our staff members, to be basic concepts with which we have a strong commitment at our school.

Given the implementation on May 25, 2018, of the new regulation on data protection and privacy, the GDPR, which ensures the safety of internet users within the European Economic Area, we’ve updated our privacy policy in order to keep providing the best service to all of our customers. This policy will apply to all of our users, those who got in touch with Costa de Valencia after May 25, and those who did it previously as well.

Next, we’ll briefly comment on the 3 main aspects of our updated privacy policy:

  1. First of all, and with the purpose of improving our transparency agreement, we won’t just identify all the information we receive from our customers, but we’ll also pay special attention in the way we treat and manage it, and we’ll keep it safe too. Contacting Costa de Valencia implies a tacit acceptance of this policy.
  1. Since our school works with third-party suppliers, such as our web hosting and consultancy services, among others, we’re reviewing our contracts with these companies in order to make sure they also follow the new GDPR policy. Furthermore, we’ll negotiate those contracts that don’t completely respect this regulation, that way both we and our third-party suppliers will follow the GDPR correctly.
  1. Lastly, given that keeping and protecting your personal information is our responsibility, we’re also improving the way our staff members manage our customers’ personal information.

None of these measures affects the way our customers contact Costa de Valencia or sign up for our courses in any way. However, if any doubt related to the GDPR arises, including how to access the way we manage personal information at our school, as well as either updating or deleting them, our customers can reach us through