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One year in a Spanish language school - one year of unique memories

In retrospect, the Spanish students of the language school Costa de Valencia have not only gained new Spanish language skills, but also a variety of experiences.

Valencia, the year is drawing to a close and you're starting to review all your experiences - has the year been successful? what would you like to do better next year? or maybe the same again?

The students of the Spanish language school Costa de Valencia in Valencia will look back on a series of unique memories that have brought them linguistically forward. Not only this, but also new friendships have been made, Valencia and its surroundings explored, preferences discovered and plans for the future forged.

For some, the decision to take a language holiday may be one of the best of the year - which is not surprising when you take a look at what has happened: from carnival or Correfoc to boat trips on the Albufera and from paella competitions to pool or beach parties and excursions to nearby cities. Everything was offered to the students here. And all this in addition to the competent language classes that take place every day.

The well-being of the student is always a top priority here, because only in this way it was possible to teach Spanish in an understandable and motivating way and at the same time to offer up to four activities per day.

The impression Valencia makes is unique and in 2019 it will not be the first time that many students will attend a language course again. A preview of the activities can be found here - see it for yourself here in Valencia!

Costa de Valencia, escuela de español