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Certificate ELE Safe School to COVID-19
The Federation of Associations of Spanish Schools in Spain, FEDELE, has created a complete recognition system with guidelines, recommendations and protocols to follow in order to achieve a safe and infection-free school in the face of the present epidemiological situation caused by COVID-19.
In this way, you can go to school with the assurance that they have specific contingency plans and protocols to reduce the risk of infection within the school as much as possible.

This stamp certifies that the centres have contingency plans to reduce the possibilities of contagion in the schools and to stop the expansion in the face of possible outbreaks of COVID-19. However, we cannot guarantee the inexistence of risk due to the changing epidemiological situation in which we find ourselves and the personal responsibility of each user. 

What are the safety measures?
The protocol has more than 40 pages of actions and recommendations for certified centres. Some of the most important are

All certified centers with this distinction have a specific Contingency Plan to increase security in their facilities. These plans have been verified by the federation's team.
All centres ensure a safety distance of at least 1.5 metres and have their classrooms arranged to ensure limited capacity.
The use of hydroalcoholic gels and masks is mandatory within their facilities.
The centres have information on hygiene and safety, as well as signs to respect social distance.
Decorative elements and other surfaces that may be prone to contagion have been reduced.
Each centre has established specific guidelines and plans for each of its activities, outings, excursions and examinations.

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Contingency Plan - Update 04-2022

Our Contingency Plan is still in force, with its last update dated 10.08.2021, approved by the Federation of Spanish Schools, FEDELE.

Since its publication until today, there are only two minor updates:

  • Classroom 11 has been reopened for use.
  • The centre's opening hours have been extended, adapting to the growing demand for services.

With the publication of Royal Decree 286/2022 of 19 April, a new update is needed regarding the use of face masks in the business environment.

The BOE of 20.04.2022 published the Royal Decree modifying the obligatory use of face masks during the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19. With some exceptions such as public transport, health centres, residences and pharmacies, etc., the obligation to wear a mask indoors is eliminated. On the other hand, it is left to the occupational risk prevention services of each company to evaluate the use of masks in the workplace.

On 20.04.2022, our occupational risk prevention services, Cualtis, provided us with the guide General criteria on the use of masks indoors (see attached copy).

The following table of this guide determines the use of masks in our centre.


uso de mascarillas en la escuela de español Costa de Valencia


According to these indications, the Costa de Valencia Spanish language school recommends the use of masks throughout the school. We indicate at the entrances of all classrooms, by means of the corresponding signage, whether or not it is compulsory to wear masks inside the classrooms.



uso de mascarillas en la escuela de español Costa de Valencia               uso de mascarillas en la escuela de español Costa de Valencia               uso de mascarillas en la escuela de español Costa de Valencia




How Coronavirus affects us

It is a reality that the coronavirus is affecting everyone everywhere, and Spain is not an exception. On 14 March, the Spanish Government decided to declare a State of Alarm and to confine the entire population to their homes. This means that you can only go out to buy food, go to the pharmacy, or go to work, among other things, but not for other things, such as going to study. Therefore, Costa de Valencia had to adapt all its classes to the online system, and in a very short time.

The declaration of the State of Alarm took place on a Saturday; the school was closed, but, being foresighted, the team already had a home connection for teleworking. Monday's classes had to be online, so, despite the fact that it was the weekend and everyone was at home, the whole school team got involved and coordinated in order to organize everything. It was decided to use the platform Skype for the classes, as it is a program that almost everyone uses regularly and, therefore, the students did not have to download and learn how to use new platforms, with the problems this could entail. In addition to Skype, the teaching team decided to implement other applications such as Google Classroom, learningapps, Educaplay, or, in order to provide solutions to all the needs they might have during the lessons.

That weekend, the school had to contact all the students to inform them about the situation and to ask them for their Skype accounts, to warn the future students that the situation had changed, to test the school's Skype accounts to check that everything worked correctly, to convert all the teaching material into digital format... In short, a very hard work that, nevertheless, was carried out in a coordinated way, cooperating all the teachers, administrative staff, head of studies and directors, to finally achieve that everything went perfectly.

On Monday, as planned, the classes started online via Skype. The teachers already had experience in giving individual classes via Skype, which they have been doing for years, but the group classes with this structure were a challenge for everyone. However, thanks to the great teamwork and willingness of the students, everything worked perfectly from the beginning, and it is still working excellently until now. Moreover, all the teachers continue their professional training to be able to adapt to this situation and to offer more learning options to the students, in order to continue with the school's philosophy of improving day by day.

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