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The Spanish Olympics - Denmark, Sweden and Norway

The Spanish Olympics are an event organized by the 'International Language Competition' in Denmark (since 2018), Sweden (since 2014) and Norway (since 2020). FEDELE Español en España (Spanish Federation of Associations of Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language), in collaboration with the Cervantes Institute, actively participates year after year.

The sponsorship of these Olympics by FEDELE implies the promotion and opening of the economic market of the participating schools in these Nordic countries. This is achieved through the sponsorship of the prizes in the category "Spanish" of the Tournament of Modern Languages for schools and high schools.

In this competition, which also includes other languages such as English, German or French, students take the tests of the chosen language to qualify for one of the first three places.


Dates of the event 2021:
Kristiansand, Norway: 15/04/21 y 16/04/21
Frederiksberg, Denmark: 29/04/21
Malmö, Sweden, 05/21

Costa de Valencia, Spanish Language School acts, as every year, together with other schools enrolled in this activity by sponsoring a prize. The prizes are a language trip to Spain. It includes, for the finalists and their accompanying teacher, an intensive Spanish course for a week, different transport options and accommodation in a Spanish family and extra-curricular activities. The winners themselves can choose where to make their language trip.

The winners have repeatedly chosen our Spanish school Costa de Valencia to enjoy their prize:

2021 Norway: two students, with their teacher Chevalier G., from Oslo
2021 Norway: Maya and Maia, with their teacher Iohanka S., from Oslo
2019 Sweden: Linus W. and Marc T., with their teacher Sofie, from Lund
2019 Denmark: Andrea J. and Lucas R., with their professor Peter B. of the Sankt Annæ Institute, Valby/Copenhagen
2017 Sweden: Ida R. and L., Vilma with their professor Pernilla, from Lund
2014 Sweden: Adam A. and Isabel S., with their professor Mai H., from Lund

High quality Spanish lessons, adventurous excursions and the cheerful mentality of the Valencians await the winners of their language trip to Costa de Valencia. Good luck to the participants!