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Study in Spain – Start your university career in Valencia

For the students of the countries located in the east of Europe, Middle East Asia and Latin America the it is easier now to study at a Spanish university

If you are thinking about expanding your knowledge and guide your future, the UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia) offers the perfect opportunity to reach the objectives you have for your professional career. The program principally is directed to people who live outside of Europe, but who wish to study in Spain.

UNED gives you the chance to start your career at a Spanish university, the only thing you have to do is pass the exam of access to the university and you can begin your studies right away in any Spanish university, for example in the University of Valencia. This exam is supposed to be for people that are not of European nationality, for example, students from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Asia or Latin America. Some parts of the exam can be recognized for students of Latin America that already finished courses in their formation, what means that they do not have to take the whole exam.

With more than 250.000 students, the UNED is one of the largest universities of Spain. You can complete various degrees like bachelor, master or PhD. Regarding the access, there are different types like for example the access for people over the age of 25, 40 or 45 and for students who want to study after their A-Level or after the formation they have already finished in their home country. Furthermore UNED offers various grants and financial helps to finance the studies.

The Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia was founded in the 1970s, when they started to send didactic material to the students’ homes, totally free. As the idea was very successful, they orientated to the international sector, starting to work with the countries of Latin America. Their aim was to guarantee equal chances for everyone and also to integrate women into the world of university and work. Although the UNED started as an open university, it is very influential nowadays and offers much more.

For the best exam preparation possible, there are several institutes of formation that offer courses for the Selectivity-UNED, this means, special classes for the preparation of the exams for accessing university (Selectivity) directed to foreign students. Costa de Valencia, centro de formación is one of these institutes of formation that offers annual classes in small groups for these exams.  The courses start in September, but it is also possible to join later. There are courses for the common and the special subjects, which have to be taken in the exam, to guarantee a perfect preparation for the students.

For these courses it is necessary to have a minimum level of B1 in Spanish, the formation institute also offers Spanish classes to reach the required level. Costa de Valencia, Spanish language institute has been tested and approved by the Instituto Cervantes. This accreditation is a guarantee that our students can learn to speak Spanish in a high-quality environment, with native speakers, graduated and experienced teachers.

Start your studies right now in Valencia at a Spanish university! Prepare yourself for the next call and improve your chances to get the job of your dreams!