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Teacher training courses of Spanish as a Foreign Language (E/LE)

In addition to Spanish language courses for foreign people from all over the world, we also offer teacher training courses of Spanish as a foreign language.

Valencia. In these past years, the quantity of courses teaching Spanish language as a foreign language has increased, as well as the interest of many students. However, in the ELE teachers training sector, the opportunities to become a teacher of Spanish or to improve and widen their skills have not increased. Universities do not offer courses in the Hispanic Philology, Translation and Teaching Degrees for those who would like to be teachers of Spanish as a foreign language.  


Nevertheless, people who want to direct their work training to the teaching of E/LE can benefit of the many offers provided by certain organizations, such as the Cervantes Institute and the net of Centros Accredited Centres. Every year, almost 500 courses and seminars are carried out in collaboration with a large number of universities and teaching centres.


Costa de Valencia, escuela de español, is a part of this net of Accredited Centres by the Cervantes Institute, and we also offer special ELE teacher training courses, apart from the Spanish language courses for foreigners, offered at all levels. 


During morning sessions, expert teachers provide, to teachers of Spanish as well as the students, required linguistic, methodologic and pedagogic knowledge and tools to be able to become a good teacher of Spanish as a foreign language. In the afternoons, participants have the opportunity to test all the theory and tools learnt during the morning sessions in a real context, teaching lessons to the students of the school. 


Costa de Valencia carries out serveral ELE training courses in Valencia, throughout the year.