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Tomatina 2019 – Don't miss the best event of the summer.

The Tomatina will take place on Wednesday, Aug 28 '19, at 11am as always, but with significative changes. 

Valencia. Buñol's city council has decided to establish a 10 € entrance fee to allow access to the la Tomatina facility, for security and capacity reasons, and for the greater good of the party. People without this entrance fee will not be permitted to enter.

Costa de Valencia, escuela de español has reserved 45 entrance tickets to be able to participate at the battle of tomatoes, as we have been during these past years. As always, we are going with our students by private bus and we are going to have a party-breakfast before the event. 

Here you can watch the school You Tube video.

So, sign up soon! send an e-mail to and let's go to the Tomatina!