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Valenbisi - public service of bicycle rental in Valencia

a public service of bicycle rental in Valencia

Valenbisi is a public, cheap and very convenient bike rental service in Valencia. Anyone can use this service, both residents of Valencia and visitors.

Valenbisi can be reserved for a short period of time as well as for longer periods. Users decide between a 1-week bono or a 1-year bono.

The best way to get to know Valencia: by bike!


 Visit the homepage 

  1. Select option “Larga Duración”

2. Select option “Abono Larga Duración” (This is the standard version)

3. Select option “Registrate” 

4. Create your account

5. Now you need to enter your data

6. Choose the period for which you want to subscribe to Valenbisi

7. Select option “Móvil y Tarjeta Mobilis“ (install the Valenbisi app on a smartphone and log in)

8. Link your Mastercard or Visa

9. Now you can start and rent a Valenbisi bike through your app

Remember that only the first 30 minutes are free.