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Valenbisi - public service of bicycle rental in Valencia

Valenbisi is a public service of bicycle rental in Valencia. It is quite inexpensive and at ease. Everybody can make use of this service, not only the inhabitants of Valencia, but also the foreign students who visit our city. 

Valenbisi can be hired for short periods as well as for longer ones: users can choose weekly or annual passes. 

We recommend the annual pass, because it is very economical and it allows users to get around the city whenever they want. Also, if you have an EMT or Metrovalencia plastic card, you can recharge your Valenbisi pass directly through the Internet, without waiting or going personally to the office. 

Bicycle is the best way to get to know Valencia.



  1. Go to their webpage It has Spanish, Catalan and English language options.


  1. Choose the option “Abonarse” (Subscribe) on the upper left side.


  1. Choose the option “Abono anual” (Annual pass") and afterwards “Abono anual Tarjeta de Transporte (Mobilis)" (Transport card annual pass). This way, you are going to use the same card for bicycle renting, bus and metro. If you choose the option “Abono anual valenbisi” (Valenbisis annual pass) you will have to wait 3 weeks for your Valenbisis card, which will be sent to your address in Spain. 
  1. In the window below, you have to write the number of your card. You will find the number on the upper right side (for example 2563 2487 1456).


  1. Click “confirmar” (Confirm).

     6. As you can see, the price is EUR 29,21. Fill every section 







7. Now you have to choose a 4-number PIN code, which you will use everytime you take a bicycle. Click on “pasar a la etapa siguiente” (Next step).


  1. Ckeck your data and click “pasar a la etapa siguiente”(Next step).


  1. You can also add an insurance service.


  1. Now you have to pay with your credit card. 


  1. You can start using Valenbisi immediately after paying. You have to go to a Valenbisi station. The first time you use Valenbisi, you have to write a number you must have received by e-mail, after the payment. The following time, you just have to use your PIN code. 



You can find an a Valenbisi app at Playstore. This app allows users to check the availability of bicycles in real time.