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Valencia: one of the favorite destinations to learn Spanish

Valencia: uno de los destinos favoritos para aprender español.

Valencia: one of the favorite destinations to learn Spanish.

If you come to Valencia to learn Spanish... you will not regret it! This destination has become one of the favorite destinations for students. We explain why.

"Time' magazine chooses Valencia as one of the 50 best places in the world 2022".

Thanks to the ability of this city to "seamlessly integrate" the urban and natural landscape, Valencia is one of the destinations chosen for its "events and exhibitions", in addition to its Mediterranean gastronomy, culture, festivals, traditions and its days of sunshine, more than 300 a year.

It is an accessible and inclusive city

Valencia has a great connection by land, sea and air, welcoming everyone, without distinction, and eliminates barriers so that everyone can enjoy this wonderful destination.

Did you know? Beaches, attractions and activities are accessible to people with physical disabilities, and you can also find different pictograms throughout the city for visitors with autism or intellectual disabilities. You will also discover that the buses are equipped with Navilens technology for the blind.

A Mediterranean climate

In winter you also feel like being in Valencia! Because of its geographical position, the temperatures in this season are quite mild.

In summer, the climate is quite humid... but no problem! There are wonderful beaches to escape the summer heat.

The cost of living is more affordable

Compared to Madrid or Barcelona, real estate prices are more affordable. Both to rent and to buy, in recent years it is emerging as a great alternative for second home or vacation home for many foreigners.

Activities of all kinds!

There is always something new to do in Valencia! From visiting a world-famous museum, such as the City of Arts and Sciences, to cycling all over the city thanks to its bike lanes.

If you prefer the coast, the port area has everything for sailing enthusiasts! Jetski, windsurfing, kite-surfing, beach bars... just 10 minutes from the city center!

Get to know the fallas! The most popular festival of the city will surprise you. You will see hundreds of fallas monuments in the streets, which are huge works of art (between 10-15m high) that on their last day are burned in the Cremà, fireworks and lots of celebration!

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