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Do I need a visa to study in our spanish school Costa de Valencia?

Coming to Spain to study Spanish may not be an easy task. The steps you must take to obtain a study visa may seem complicated, but we want to help you and provide you with the necessary information to make this process as easy as possible for you.

If your visit is for less than 90 days:

If you are from a country whose nationals are exempt from the visa requirement, you do not need to apply for a study visa. Conversely, if you are a national of a country subject to a visa requirement to cross external borders, you do have to apply for a visa.

List of countries with visa requirements and exempt


If your visit is for more than 90 days:

This visa is also necessary if you are going to carry out, for more than 90 days, non-working practices, volunteer services, student mobility, Intern, training stays and studies for the schooling of minors. It is also necessary in the cases of the student’s relatives who wish to stay in Spain for more than 90 days.

Request, schedule, and appointment

If the stay is longer than six months:

You must apply for the foreigner’s identity card within one month of entering Spain, at the Immigration Office or Police Station of the province where the authorization has been processed.

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Gestión de visados: Anexo I: Orden INT 657/2020, actualizado 29.07.20

Gestión de visados: Anexo I: Orden INT 657/2020, actualizado 24.08.20