Redes sociales



Cultural, sports and free times activities

We are one of the most active schools of Spanish at promoting leisure activities which will allow you to learn and live the Spanish language outside the classes. We offer up to four free activities per day; students only have to pay in the case transport or entrance fee were necessaries. According to our slogan "Come, learn Spanish it!", with these activities we try to have our students know and take part in the daily city life, so that they can feel as one more Valencian.

Day of Paellas in Cheste

Two times a year the people of Cheste celebrate their day of paellas.

Fallas de Valencia

Valencia's main festival Fallas: mascletàs, fireworks, traditiional parades, offering of flowers to the Virgin, visits to the Fallas monuments...


Tradition and good wine

Calpe: El Peñon de Ifach y la fiesta de Moros y Cristianos

We are going to visit Calpe, to climb the Peñón de Ifach and witness parade of Moros y Cristianos.


Come, learn Spanish… and live it!