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Fallas from Valencia

Fallas de Valencia
Fallas de Valencia 2
Fallas de Valencia 3
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Date of the event: 
Thursday, 14, March 2019
Friday, 15, March 2019
Friday, 16, March 2018
Sunday, 17, March 2019
Tuesday, 19, March 2019

During the celebration of the Fallas festival from Valencia, we create a special sociocultural program; especially adapted so the students gain a better understanding of this celebration and get to experience all stages, day and night, for one week: the mascletás and the fireworks; the traditional parades and the offering of flowers to the Virgin, also to visit the Monumentos Falleros (paper-mâché monuments) and the open-air concerts. Its climax is on March 19, with la cremà de las fallas (burning of the monuments).

Our plan for 2017:
26.02. – Crida...Opening of the event
01.03. – First of the 19 daily mascletás
10.03. – Contest of paellas in the habour of Valencia
15.03. – Building of the "Fallas"
16.03. – Lighting of Cuba Street and Sueca Street
17.03. – Contest of paellas in front of the local stores
17./18.03. – Offering of flowers to the Virgin
18.03. – Contest of fideua at Falla Plaza Honduras
18.03. – Night of the fire
19.03. – Cremá – the burning of the "Fallas“

Costa de Valencia, Spanish language school at the paella contest in the harbor!

Las fallas with Spanish language school, Spanish language school

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