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Valencia is known all over the country for its explosive, colorful and majestic festivals. They are famous for street parties, music and, above all, fire in all forms. Here is where pyrotechnic specialists are born and where even religious festivities contain spectacular and folklore elements.


In few places in the world will you feel such unforgettable emotions as during Valencia’s festivals. Valencia is perhaps one of the only cities in the world where people work all year round preparing the impressive artisanal monuments, to be burnt on one night. That is the essence of Las Fallas, which take place during the month of March.

Shortly after come the Maritime Holy Week, where we can enjoy the Good Friday and the Holy Burial Parades: which take place close to Valencia’s port.

On the 23rd June, the city celebrates the night of Saint Juan. Known colloquially as the Night of Witches, this festival takes place during the summer solstice. People have dinner with friends on the beach; make bonfires and, according with tradition, jump over the fire and waves of the ocean to make their wishes come true. 

During the month of July, there are many open-air concerts and shows. It is bull-fighting season and the colourful ‘Battle of Flowers’ takes place.

Although Moros y Cristianos festivals are found across the Valencian Community, some of the oldest and most spectacular celebrations are found in the towns around Valencia. Check our program of Extra-Curricular Activities

You’ll see that we go to all of the Fiestas!

Fallas in Valencia
Moors and Cristians festival
Tomatina's festival in Buñol
San Antonio's fire festival in Vilanova d’Alcolea
Correfoc (fire-run) Campanar

File of Moros in Alcoy
Moving the virgin
Corpus Traditions
Floral offering
Moros in Alcoy
Valencia Fallas
Crema Fallas of Valencia
Fallas of Valencia and the Mass of the Virgin
Crema Fallas of Valencia 2
Fallas of Valencia and the Mass of the Virgin 2
Crema Fallas of Valencia 3
Crema Fallas of Valencia 4
Crema Fallas of Valencia 5
Tomatina Buñol
Night of San Juan