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UNEDassis Preparation Courses

What is UNEDAssiss? 
UNEDassis is the official exam that foreigners must pass in order to enter Spanish universities. Students from outside of Spain who have completed their secondary education in their home countries and wish to study at university in Spain can take it. Applicants from outside the European Union must homologate their high school diploma to the Spanish high school diploma.

What do we offer?
At Costa de Valencia Centro de Formación we help candidates with the administrative and bureaucratic procedures to register for the official exam and also to obtain the student visa. For the latter, once the price of the course has been paid, we issue the obligatory certificate to obtain the visa in the name of the student, in which the course and its duration are stated. To obtain this certificate it is necessary to pay 70% of the course in advance. The rest of the amount could be paid in January 2021. If the visa is refused, the full amount paid will be refunded, except for 150 euros for administration costs. 
Once you are in Valencia, we will guide you to start the process of homologation of your bachelor's degree through the Ministry of Education. And when you have passed the administrative procedures, we offer you individualised courses to prepare for this entrance exam, with personalised monitoring of the student's progress, whatever their basic level. This methodology can be carried out thanks to the work in small groups.

How does UNEDassis work? 
Non-EU students need to have their studies approved for the Spanish baccalaureate. They will also take Specific Competence Tests (PCE) in four subjects: two general subjects and two specific subjects according to the chosen modality.
The PCE's passed will be taken into account by the Universities in their admission procedures for studies with competitive participation. 
Depending on the university you wish to access, you should choose one or the other. In general, the subjects (PCE) that you should apply for and that we prepare in our school are
- Subject 1: Spanish language and text commentary (all students)
- Subject 2: English or French (all students).
- Subject 3: Mathematics II or Mathematics applied to Social Sciences (High School subject)
- Subject 4: Choose one related to the university degree you wish to access.
In the case of wanting to opt, for example, for a degree in Medicine, subjects 3 and 4 should be, respectively, Mathematics II and Biology, for example.
The maximum mark for university entrance is 14 points:
10 points are obtained with a maximum weighting of 60% of the grades obtained in your academic record, and 40% with an arithmetic mean of grades from the four PCE (Specific Competence Tests) taken at the UNED.
In order to reach 14 points, each university will choose the two specific subjects of the PCE and will multiply its result by 0.2, thus being able to raise each of the two exercises by a maximum of 2 points.

How long does it take?
Our preparatory course for the university entrance exam for foreigners starts in October 2020 and lasts until May 2021, coinciding with the date of the official exams. You can join at any time from October to prepare for the test. 

What has our previous experience been like?
In Costa de Valencia we achieved a very high pass rate. Last year it was 100%. To achieve these results, in addition to our extensive experience in teaching foreign students, we have a great teaching team, we work in small groups and we dedicate many hours to the course. However, it is essential that the student is involved and works independently to achieve good results in the test.

What if I want to enter a private university?
If your objective is to enter a private Spanish university, each one has a different way of working, and they may ask for different requirements. Once you have enrolled on our course, we can help you prepare for your interviews and advise you on what you need to do to meet these requirements.

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