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Learn Spanish by skype. Take advantage to our offer!

Learn Spanish thtrough Skype lessons. Take advantage of one of our offers!


Private lessons through Skype

We have a very interesting offer for new students: a Welcome Bonus pack with 5 lessons (60 minutes each), per 95€.

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Do you and your friends want to learn Spanish through Skype lessons?

Welcome bonus: 5 h (60 min per hour)

Classes for 1 people: 95€ (the price per hour is 19€)

Classes for 2 people: 140€ (the price per hour is 14€)

Classes for 3 persons: 160€ (the price per hour is 10,66€)

(Ask conditions for more people)

- The offer for groups of 2 o more persons is subject to the students having the same level.



Prepare your Spanish exam (Abitur, Matura, etc.) with one of our teachers

We focus on the study and analysis of the specific topics for each exam through individualized classes in which you will be able to practice each and every part of the tests you will have to face. e.g. 10 hours (60 min) for 340€
In order to be able to prepare the specific contents in time, it is important that you inform us before the start of the course about the content and structure of the test.




Prepare your DELE with us

We prepare you for any of the levels offered in February, April, May, July, September, October and November in Valencia and around the world. Levels A1-C2. You will work on the different tasks and learn strategies to successfully pass each part of the tests. Prices: e.g. 10 hours(60 min) of private lessons, 340€



Preparation for Official Certificates of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid in collaboration with the University of Alcalá de Henares , offers special certificates of Spanish language in the fields of economy, tourism and health sciences. We prepare you for each of the exams. e.g. 10 hours (60 min) only with your teacher, 340€



Intensive Courses by Skype

We also have some intensive courses via Skype. Classes as if you were here in Valencia, with 4 classes daily from Monday to Friday, 4x50min, for groups of at least 3 students of the same level. We offer a 20% discount for the first two weeks, then a 10% discount for the following weeks.


Extensiv Long Term Spanish Courses through Skype

And our extensive long term courses via Skype, as if you were here in Valencia, with 2 lessons per week, 2x50min, for groups of at least 5 students of the same level. The month costs 90€.



The offer is there! Take advantage of it to learn Spanish!

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