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Preparation courses UNED

Special preparation courses for the university qualifying exam intended for foreigner students

Preparation courses UNED


Helping the students to pass their university qualifying exam (UNED). 


All foreign students who have completed the degree in their home country and want to attend college in our country.

In our school we offer support for both tuition bureaucratic official exam to obtain the student visa. For the latter, after payment of the course fee, we issue a certificate on behalf of the student, which consists the course performing and duration. This certificate is necessary for the visa.


The official test is in June and it consists of two parts:

The  General Part is formed by the following exercises:
Comment of a Spanish text and Spanish language.
Foreign language to choose between English, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.

History of Philosophy and History of Spain to choose one depending on the Modality, which is a subject chosen by the student among all possible options. The subjects are chosen depending on the college you want to start studies.

The Specific Part is formed by the chosen exercise by the student, between 1 and 4, choosing subjects between all your modality option and except the subject of the fourth year of the general part. The different types are:

  • Modality arts: visual arts, audiovisual
    Artistic drawing
    Technical drawing
    Art History
    Graphic expression techniques-plastic

  • Modality arts: performing arts, music and dance
    Musical analysis
    Applied anatomy
    History of music and dance

  • Science and technology 
    Earth sciences and environmental
    Technical drawing
    Electrical engineering
    Industrial technology

  • Modality humanities and social sciences
    Business Economics
    Art History
    Mathematics for Social Sciences


These are individualized courses with a totally personal monitoring that highly favours the student progress. This methodology is possible due to the work with small groups of students. B1 Spanish level is required to the fulfilment of the course, as far as the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR) is concerned.

Costa de Valencia is a language centre specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language recognised by Instituto Cervantes. It is advisable to have a B1 level in Spanish language knowledge to continue. The student who does not have the requested level has the possibility of carrying out Spanish courses in our facilities. Anyway, even though the student already has reached the B1 level, we strongly suggest to follow a Spanish course during some weeks, combined with a preparatory course for the admission test.

Anyway if the student already possesses the B1 level, it is recommended to follow an intensive Spanish course for several weeks, together with the preparatory course for the access test.

Moreover, those students who choose science subjects must make a preliminary exam in our centre. This test has no official value. It is necessary to do to check if students have the required level to do this course. Otherwise, they have the possibility of doing an intensive reinforcement course in order to reach the minimum levels required.

The entrance course starts in September and finishes during the same week when the final test is taken. The approximate duration is 9 months. The posterior incorporation to the courses depends on the student’s knowledge and always subject to the approval by the head teacher.

The basic course consists of 20 hours every week. Depending on the degree, we strongly advice to attend 2 different specific subjects in order to raise the grade and guarantee the access.

Costa de Valencia, training centre also helps the students with the process of enrolment in the University. The registration period will be opened between March and April. The official exams take place the first week of June.

Costa de Valencia has a team of teachers with extensive experience in the preparation of official tests. Without leaving apart the theoric part, they take part in both art subjects and also science subjects allowing time for the practical exercises.

Once a term, we offer mock exams in real time. Once the tests are revised, the student is given a report card. This is achieved by checking the progress of the course objectives, students also learn to deal with an examination similar to the one they will encounter with on the official test.

Total price3900 €
Each specific subject100 € / month