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Preparation for the exams from Madrid’s Chamber of Commerce

This program is designed for all those students who want to prepare to pass successfully the official exams of the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid. The program consists of an Intensive Spanish Course 20, aimed at improving the level of general linguistic competence, and 10 hours per week of private classes in which the different parts and tasks of the tests will be worked on, focusing on the acquisition of strategies for passing the exam.

Preparation for the exams from Madrid’s Chamber of Commerce


The preparation program for the exams of the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid consists of an Intensive Spanish Course 20 and 10 hours of private classes per week.

The Intensive Course 20 consists of 20 lessons of 50 minutes per week, from Monday to Friday. In addition to these classes there are 5 hours of socio-cultural modules to be taken during the week. *

These courses generally take place in the morning (from 10.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.) or in the afternoon (from 4.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.), although depending on the time of year and the volume of students, the timetable may be slightly modified.

The 10 hours of private classes per week, 60 minutes long, usually take place between 1.45 pm and 3.45 pm, although depending on the time of the year and the volume of students this time could be slightly modified.

Intensive Course: A minimum of 1 student per class and a maximum of 8, with an average of 4-5 students per class. Private lessons: 1 student per class

It is possible to begin the Ppreparation Program for the certificates of the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid any Monday of the year (except if it is a holiday) regardless of the level of knowledge of the student, provided that registration is made at least one month in advance, time required for the application and Delivery of the test by the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid.

No classes will be given on public holidays, but classes will be made up throughout the week. If two public holidays coincide in a week, only one of them will be made up.

Minimum: 1 week. Maximum: at the student's choice.

Our Program of Preparation for the exams of the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid prepares for any of the exams that are carried out throughout the year.


Before enrolling at a particular level, it is recommended that students who are in Valencia take a placement test at our school, consisting of a written part (test with multiple choice questions and a short essay) and an oral test. After their correction and after chatting with one of our teachers, the student will be able to find out about the real possibilities of passing the tests.

This test is free of charge and always takes place outside the course timetable.


The didactic material of the preparation program for the certificates of the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, consisting of manuals, exam models from previous exams and complementary material elaborated by Costa de Valencia, Spanish school, is carefully elaborated, updated and selected by our teaching staff.

All this material is included in the course price.


If you encounter any difficulties during the course, the school has a teacher-tutor at your disposal to guide you and help you resolve any doubts free of charge.

Tutorials generally take place from Tuesday to Friday from 1.30 p.m. to 2.00 p.m. or from 3.30 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. In order to apply for the tutoring service, you should consult your Intensive Course teacher or your private lessons teacher. In the event that a student requires this service and is unable to attend the standard timetable because of private lessons, a different timetable will be negotiated with the student.


At the end of the language stay, students will receive a certificate of attendance stating the level and type of course completed, the total hours of the course (divided into teaching hours, hours of autonomous work and participation in socio-cultural activities) and the contents studied during the course.


In order to guarantee that each student is at the level that corresponds to him/her and to avoid forming groups of students with different knowledge of Spanish, the following reductions to the lessons will be applied in the Intensive Course if the minimum number of four students per group is not reached, maintaining the original price:

- In the case that the course is made up of only 3 students, the teaching load will be reduced to 3 daily sessions of 50 min.

- If only 1-2 student participates in the Intensive Course, the teaching load will be reduced to 2 sessions of 50 min per day.


In addition to participating in the Spanish courses, our school offers up to four daily free time activities so that students can put into practice the knowledge acquired in the classroom in real contexts and in a relaxed atmosphere. In this way, they will have the opportunity to get to know Valencia first-hand, its culture and its people together with the teachers and other colleagues.

Check out our updated free time programme.


The socio-cultural modules, with an approximate duration of five hours per week, consist of conferences, debates, talks, etc. and usually include a visit to points of interest in the city, such as museums or monuments. The topics covered (popular festivals, Spanish politics, gastronomy, etc.) allow students to come into contact with a rich variety of aspects of Spanish and Valencian life.


120 €  (The fee will be automatically added to the course fee.)

1 week455€Intensive course 20 + 10 h clases one-to-one
2 weeks850€Intensive course 20 + 20 h clases one-to-one
3 weeks1270€Intensive course 20 + 30 h clases one-to-one
4 weeks1690€Intensive course 20 + 40 h clases one-to-one
Matriculation fees35€
Consult prices for stays of more weeks

Didactic material (exam models, reinforcement activities, photocopies, etc.) throughout the course.
Welcome folder with information about the school and tourist information about the city of Valencia.
Oral and written level test prior to the start of classes.
Continuous monitoring of learning progress.
Final certificate of attendance with the number of hours studied, participation in activities, the level achieved and the contents covered.
Participation in the weekly programme of socio-cultural and weekend activities (transport, drinks or entrance fees not included).
Tutorial service.
Free Internet access and Wifi in all facilities.
Book lending service from our library.
Telephone 24h for emergencies during the stay.

IMPORTANT: The price of the Courses of Preparation for the Certificates of the Chamber of Commerce does not include the fees of the exams, fee of 120€ that will be added automatically during the enrollment process.


- 10 % discount of the price of the course for former students.*
- 10 % discount of the price of the course for groups larger than 3 people.

Apply for your coupon by emailing us at: indicating your name and approximate date of beginning of the course.

You can find more discounts and temporary offers on Offers

* We will consider former students those people who, having completed an intensive course at our school at least three months ago, wish to come back to study at Costa de Valencia.


 Preparation Courses for the Official Diploma from Madrid’s Chamber of Commerce.



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