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Requena – Grape harvest

Requena – Vendimia
Requena – Vendimia 2
Requena – Vendimia 3
Requena – Vendimia 4
Date of the event: 
Saturday, 26, August 2017

Requena is the name of a little village, close to the city of Valencia. The celebration of Vendimia de Requena (grape harvest) is the oldest festival in Spain as well as one of the biggest. The grape harvest festival  takes place on the last week of August and the first days of September.

Would you like to get to know and experience this celebration? You will not regret it. On the days of the festival we can admire the beautiful, traditional decorated streets, which are brought to life with music, joy, light and color all over in Requena.

How about „Mascletás“ and huge fireworks? Then do not forget the gunpowder, because during the grape harvest you can also witness a sky covered in light and color…with a lot of noise.  

There will also be the Wine Fair of Requena. The most delicious wines from this region will be displayed and ready for tasting. Come and join us on an unforgettable day!


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