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Spanish Courses for the Preparation of Spanish Exams

These programmes are intended for all those who have to pass a Spanish exam (Baccalaureate, etc.) and would like to prepare optimally.

On the one hand the programme aims at improving the command of the Spanish language through an Intensive Course (essential requirement for any Spanish exams), on the other hand at studying and analysing the specific topics for every exam through Private Lessons, in which the students can practice each and every single part of the test they have to confront with.

Spanish Courses for the Preparation of Spanish Exams


The program of the Spanish Courses for Preparation for Spanish Exams consists of:

  • An Intensive Course of 20 classes (of 50 minutes each) every week from Monday to Friday. Additionally the course includes 5 hours of sociocultural modules to be carried out during the week. The Intensive Course usually takes place in the morning (from 10 am to 1.30 pm) or in the afternoon (from 4 pm to 7.30 pm).
  • 10 hours of Private Lessons (of 60 minutes) each from Monday to Friday, usually taking place from 1.45 pm to 3.45 pm.

Depending on the time of the year and the number of students the schedule could suffer slight changes.

The Intensive Course has a minimum of 1 student and a maximum of 8, with an average of 4-5 students in each group. The private lessons are individually.

Classes begin every Monday, unless it is a public holiday.

On days of public holidays, classes will not take place. Those classes will be hold at a later stage during the week. If there happens to be two days of public holidays in one week, only one day will be made up for.  

Public holidays in the city of Valencia  

Minimum: 1 week. Maximum: selected by the student.

Before starting the Spanish course, students must take a level test consisting of a written part (multiple choice questions plus a little essay) and an oral part. After its correction and a short conversation with one of our teachers, the student will be assigned to the adequate level.

This test is free of charge and always takes place outside the course schedules. It may be taken in the previous week, if the student is already in Valencia. If not, the test will take place the same day of the beginning of the course before the class starts (usually at 8:45 am).


The intensive courses’ teaching materials are carefully prepared, updated and continuously improved by our teaching staff.

The teaching material for the Private Lessons will vary, depending on the required contents and needs of every student. The material can consist of text books, dossiers or supplementary material, all carefully worked out, designed and chosen by our teaching staff to meet the students’ requirements.

It is important that the student informs the school about the exam topics and the structure of the test before starting the course, so we are able to prepare lessons individually according to the personal needs of each student.

All teaching materials are included in the price of the course.


The school provides a tutor for you to discuss any questions that you may have without charging any extra cost.

In general, these tutorials take place from Tuesday to Friday, from 1.30 pm to 2 pm or from 3.30 pm to 4 pm. You can ask your teacher of the Intensive Course to make use of this service.

If the participants of this programme want to make use of the tutoring service, but cannot take part during the indicated times because of having the Private Lessons, the tutorials can take place from Tuesday to Friday from 9.30 am to 10 am or from 7.30 pm to 8 pm.


At the end of the language stay, students will receive a certificate of attendance stating the level and type of course completed, the total hours spent during the stay (divided into teaching hours, hours of autonomous work and participation in socio-cultural activities) and the contents studied during the course.

If you require an official certificate accrediting your Spanish knowledge, we recommend taking the DELE exam (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language). These are official qualifications, which accredit levels of competence and mastery of the Spanish language, granted by the ‘Instituto Cervantes’ on behalf of Spain’s Ministry of Education. 


With the aim of guaranteeing that each and every student is in the appropriate level and to avoid groups of students with different levels of knowledge, the school reserves the right to implement the following changes to lesson times for the intensive course:

  • In case that there are only two students in the group, the daily class will be reduced to three sessions of 50 minutes.
  • In case that there is only one student in the group, the daily class will be reduced to two private sessions of 50 minutes each.

The original price will be unaffected in both instances.

The Private Lessons will not be affected by timing reductions in any case. They will always consist of two daily classes of 60 minutes each.


Apart from our Spanish language courses, we also offer up to four extra-curricular activities per week. Participating in these activities allows for students to put into practice the skills they have learnt in the classroom in an effortless and fun way. On the other hand, it is also a unique opportunity to get to know Valencia’s culture and people first-hand. We refer you to our updated program of free-time activities.


Sociocultural modules last approximately 5 hours a week. The topics addressed (festivals, Spanish politics, bull fighting, flamenco, gastronomy) put students in contact with a rich variety of aspects of Spanish and Valencian life.

1 week495 €Intensive course + 10 hours of Private lessons
2 weeks895 €Intensive course + 20 hours of Private lessons
3 weeks1342 €Intensive course + 30 hours of Private lessons
4 weeks1775 €Intensive course + 40 hours of Private lessons
Registration fee35€
Check price for more weeks

•  Teaching materials (student’s books, workbooks, textbooks, photocopies, etc.) throughout the course.
•  Welcome folder with information about the school and tourist information about Valencia.
•  Level test, both written and spoken, before the beginning of the course.
•  Ongoing assessment of the learning process.
•  Final certificate of attendance with the number of hours studied, participation in activities, the level achieved and the contents covered.
•  Participation in weekly sociocultural and leisure activities, as well as weekend activities (transport, meals and tickets not included).
•  Tutoring service.
•  Free internet access (all school facilities are free Wi-Fi hotspots).
•  Book loan system from our library.
•  Emergency phone number available around the clock during the student’s stay.


- 10 % discount of the price of the course for former students.*
- 10 % discount of the price of the course for groups larger than 3 people.

Apply for your coupon by emailing us at: indicating your name and approximate date of beginning of the course.

You can find more discounts and temporary offers on Offers

* We will consider former students those people who, having completed an intensive course at our school at least three months ago, wish to come back to study at Costa de Valencia.


 Spanish Courses for the Preparation of Spanish Exams.



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