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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


The fastest and easiest way to register is through the website www.costadevalencia.com.

On the site of each course there is a registration form which the student can fill out with their personal data, course/s they are enrolling, and any other complementary service they may ask for such as accommodation, transfer, etc. There are two options for booking: by paying the total amount of the stay by bank transfer, card, or PayPal –some taxes can be applied in the last two cases-, or by paying 300€ in advance as a deposit which would be taken off the final amount.

In the case that any problem arises during the registration, students can register by sending an email to info@costadevalencia.com, phoning the school, or at the reception desk, and indicating all the necessary details for the registration.


Once we receive your registration in any of our courses and your booking of any other service, we will send you a confirmation letter to the email address you had provided. Furthermore, you will receive an automatic email with the number of order so that you will be able to check it out on the website whenever you need to.

The booking of the course or any other service becomes effective once we receive the payment of, at least, the deposit of 300€. Any bank fees will be paid by the student. These 300€ will be taken off the total amount of the stay. The rest of the amount, in the case the student has not pay the total in advance, have to be paid during the first two days of the course. It is also possible to pay by credit card. 

Costa de Valencia reserves the right of admission of those students who have not confirmed their registration or have not paid the amount agreed in the period and way established.

The total price includes: welcome pack, level test at the beginning, if necessary, didactic material, tutorial service, participation in some of the free time activities arranged by the school, and final certificate of the course taken. In order to get the final certificate, it is compulsory that the student has attended, at least, 80% of the lessons.


In the case of students who need a visa to take a course in Spain, we will require the payment in advance of the total amount of the stay. The money will be refunded only in the case the student justifies the refusal of their visa, except from 300€ which will be kept for processing fees. You can ask about particular conditions for these cases by sending an email to info@costadevalencia.com.


The booking of any of our accommodations must be done, at the latest, the week before the course beginning, and always under availability.

The check-in will be on Sunday before the course starting. The check-out, on Saturday right after the course ending, before 11 a.m.

If the student needs some extra days of accommodation, they must inform the school in advance and pay for the established extra costs.

The week before the arrival, at the latest, the students must inform Costa de Valencia of their arrival date and time, and the mean of transport they will use to get Valencia and the accommodation.

Costa de Valencia will inform the student about the address of their accommodation and how to get us the week before the course starting. Also, the school will provide the student with information on how to get the keys, who will welcome them, etc.

The accommodation in the school flats is available only for those students over 18 years old; in the case of under-aged students, they will be able to choose this option only in the case they were travelling with an adult. Students under 18 years old travelling alone, can be accommodated only with a host family or in a students’ residence.

Those students accommodated in one of the school flats must pay a deposit of 150€ at the reception desk on the first day of the course. This deposit will be refunded to the student on the last day of the course if the school considers that the living together rules have been observed.

The price of the accommodation includes, apart from the expenses related to water, electricity, gas, community, etc., the cleaning of the common areas. The cleaning and maintenance of the student’s room is responsibility of the student.


Costa de Valencia has a transfer services at the students’ disposal, from the airport, train or bus station to the accommodation, and vice versa. This service has to be reserved the week before the arrival, at the latest. The additional cost of the service has to be paid in the means the school will establish.


Costa de Valencia offers courses for student of all ages from 4 years old onwards.

Students aged between 4 and 11 years old can participate in the kids course. Students between 12 and 15, will participate in the teens course. Intensive courses are aimed at students over 16 years old.

Students under 18 will be able to attend the course on their own only in the case their parents or legal tutors authorize their participation and accept these conditions.

All students, except from those absolute beginners, must take a level test on the first day of lessons, usually on Monday at 9 a.m. Once all students have done the test, schedules will be shown at the school’s announcement board.

Costa de Valencia reserves the right of applying time adjustments on the lessons’ length if the minimum number of students required for a course is not reached. The minimum number of students, length of lessons, and time adjustments are available for consultation in the particular conditions of each course.

The aim of either the level test and the application of time adjustments is to guaranty that all our students are in the correct group and level regarding their knowledge.

The general schedules for the intensive, kids and teen courses, extensive courses, and complementary courses, are fixed, and can be changed only if the school considers opportune the change and always after consultation.


Costa de Valencia will remain closed on the public holidays. If there is a public holiday in a week, lessons of that day will be recovered throughout the week. If there were two public holidays in a week, only one day can be recovered.

Public holidays are available for consultation on Costa de Valencia website.


On the website www.costadevalencia.com can be consulted the conditions related to cancelations and registration changes for the specific courses –Extensive Courses, UNEDassis Preparation Course, etc.-, in the site of each course.

In general, for the Intensive and Complementary Courses, Costa de Valencia can accept registration changes up until the week before the course starting, with no extra costs for the student, and always after consultation and under availability.

Once the course starts, if the student decides to change their registration, they will have to make a written request at the secretary desk. The school is the only capable to decide if the change is possible or not and its extra cost, if it is the case. No extra cost will be applied for extensions on the stay.

Cancelations will be accepted up until 4 weeks before the course starting, with no extra cost for the student. In this case, if the student had already paid anything for the stay reservation, they will have the right of a refund of the whole amount paid.

In the case of cancelations done less than 4 weeks before the course starting, the student will have the right of the refund of the amount paid, except from 150€ the school will keep to face the expenses incurred. This deposit could be kept for a year in case the student decides to register in any course in the future.

Once the course started, the money paid cannot be refunded.

All changes and cancelations must be communicated in advance and in writing to Costa de Valencia. If a student does not show up at the school on the day arranged, or does not observe the services booked, they will not have any right to complaint nor refund of the money already paid. In any case, Costa de Valencia will study and evaluate the particular circumstances of each case.


In Spain, the health and medical assistance is universal, so in case of any emergency, students will be assisted in any health center or hospital. However, in order to avoid any extra expenses or any other problem, Costa de Valencia recommends all the students to ask for a medical insurance compatible with the Spanish health system before travelling to Spain.

For the students from any EU country, it is enough to ask for the European Health Card in their home country. With this card, the health and medical assistance is guaranteed in the whole Spanish territory.

For those students from non-EU countries, we recommend to purchase a health insurance in their home country, making sure that it is compatible with the Spanish health system and with the goal of the travel.

Costa de Valencia has at the students’ disposal the possibility of hiring a health insurance Guard.me throughout the website. Conditions, coverage, and price of this insurance are available in https://www.costadevalencia.com/english/medical-insurance?sku=seguro-medico1-guard-me.


Costa de Valencia reserves the right of admission and expulsion of those students who do not observe the basic rules of behavior affecting either the school or the accommodations, school staff, or the rest of students. Costa de Valencia will be the only party with the right of deciding which behaviors are inappropriate in its facilities.

The reservation of a course and/or any other complementary services Costa de Valencia offers implies the acceptation of these conditions.