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Our History

Our History

                                                                                          The beginnings: 1992-1995

It all starts when Andreas arrives in the still unknown city of Valencia for a one-year Erasmus programme. After that, he does an internship at the German Chamber of Commerce in Madrid, and a final thesis on environmental protection companies in Spain.

Language courses all over Spain, including Valencia, give him the necessary practical knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the country's language schools, especially those in Valencia, and are the starting point for a new adventure: together with Manolo, he founds a new company, which will lay the foundations for Costa de Valencia, a Spanish language school.

 The early years: 1995-1998      

A small school with only three classrooms, the first advertising brochures, a small group of teachers, a first website, handmade!... Starting from very low, established as a small business, the illusion and the desire were enormous, and, little by little, the success is increasing.


And finally, the Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada Costa de Valencia, SL is founded. During this period, the school moved to much larger premises in Plaza Xúquer, one of the nerve centres of Valencia's nightlife. Slowly but surely, the school was making a name for itself. Through EDUESPAÑA, the school and its directors start campaigns with international partners, presenting themselves, for the first time, at the Expolangues in Paris, or at the first annual meeting of FEDELE, organised by the National Federation of Language Schools.


Together with five other Spanish schools in the Valencian Community, Costa de Valencia founds the Asociación Mediteranea de Escuela de Español AMEELE, in order to join FEDELE. In addition, the school moved to its current premises at Avda. Blasco Ibáñez, 66 in Valencia. The school's presence in international markets expands, attending Expolingua in Berlin and FIAPE in Toledo.


The Instituto Cervantes recognises Costa de Valencia as an Accredited Centre, after an exhaustive quality control, and admits it to the Instituto Cervantes Associate Centres Network. The Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry also recognises the school as an examination centre for its Spanish exams. At the same time, they reinforce their image by cooperating with institutions such as the Conselleria de Turisme, which recognises the value of the Spanish schools and their numerous international students: "learning Spanish in Valencia" is already establishing itself as a unique and quality brand.


The school joins AFTI, a programme of technological progress and internationalisation. The teaching of Spanish in schools and institutes in Europe is on the rise, which means a progressive increase in the number of school groups travelling to Valencia with their teachers to study Spanish. At this time, Costa de Valencia participates in the newly created European Meeting of Spanish Training Centres, which will be held for the first time in Valencia.


The Instituto Cervantes accredits Costa de Valencia as an Examination Centre for the internationally recognised DELE Spanish diplomas. From now on, all levels of the DELE exams will be offered at the school on all possible dates.


Costa de Valencia turns 20! The school launches a new logo and website, renewing its image in terms of advertising and also internally: redecoration of the facilities, redesign of the furniture, increase in technological equipment... In addition, the school has expanded its range of official exams, becoming a SIELE Preparation and Examination Centre, a new online exam aimed mainly at Chinese and American students. In addition, the new Spanish nationality law comes into force, and implies two new exams for candidates: the DELE and the CCSE. Costa de Valencia, once again, is a pioneer in administering this type of exams, renewing its already wide offer and, consequently, its public. 




The year marked by the Coronavirus. Thanks to foresight and the fact that the entire school team (teachers, directors, administrative staff, etc.) was able to get involved and coordinate quickly, the state of emergency declared in Spain in March 2020 was dealt with effectively, transferring all our face-to-face classes to online classes.

Although the teachers had already had extensive experience teaching virtual classes for many years, they had almost always been private classes, with one or two participants at most. Group classes using this new teaching system were a challenge for all of us, a challenge that we were able to overcome thanks to the time we spent training, researching and testing new digital tools (Learningapps, Miro, Google Classroom, etc.) to make the virtual learning experience as successful, enjoyable and motivating as our face-to-face classes.

Right now the school continues to offer online classes, but also face-to-face classes, the latter mainly focused on resident or long-stay students who want to learn with us.


What about today?

The 25th anniversary of our centre falls in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, so we will postpone the celebration to the summer of 2021.

In the meantime, the school continues to be very present in the market, being synonymous with quality and experience. And, most importantly, teaching Spanish with the same enthusiasm as on the first day!