CCSE and DELE exam for the Spanish citizenship CCSE | Costa de Valencia Escuela de Español. Valencia, España

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CCSE and DELE exam for the Spanish citizenship CCSE

Exams CCSE and DELE A2 as a requirement for the acquisition for the Spanish citizenship 

These two tests, which are especially designed and administered by the Cervantes Institute, are since October 2015 required for applying for the Spanish citizenship. (To find out more about other requirements to obtain the Spanish citizenship please contact the Spanish Ministry of Justice). Excluded from these tests are minors and people legally incapacitated. 

Those two tests are the following:

  1. DELE exam, level A2
  2. CCSE exam

CCSE and DELE exam for the Spanish citizenship CCSE


The Spanish Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge of Spain (CCSE) test must be taken by all those over 18 years of age who wish to acquire Spanish nationality. The CCSE exam consists of 25 multiple-choice questions, at least 15 of which must be answered correctly. The questions deal with cultural, social or constitutional aspects of Spanish society.

There are also special examinations for non-literate candidates where the test is read in its entirety by the examiner.

For more information about the test you can visit the website: or you can send an email to


Enrollment to the CCSE Exam

The CCSE test takes place on the last Thursday of each month (except in August and December, when there are no tests) and the registration period closes about 20 days before the exam.

Registration for the CCSE exam can only be done electronically, at the web address You can also use the direct links in Dates.

The exam fee is €85 and gives the possibility of taking the exam twice in the event of failing or not taking the first sitting.

To make your registration easier, we have developed a guide so that you can register step by step without any problems:DELE/CCSE Guide and take the exam at our centre.


The exam takes place on the last Thursday of the month. August and December are not included.  

Day of ExamRegistration  
29/09/22until 08/09/22ordinariono alfabetizado
27/10/22until 06/10/22ordinariono alfabetizado
24/11/22until 03/11/22ordinariono alfabetizado
26/01/23until 05/01/23ordinariono alfabetizado
23/02/23until 02/02/23ordinariono alfabetizado
30/03/23until 09/03/23ordinariono alfabetizado
27/04/23until 06/04/23ordinariono alfabetizado
25/05/23until 04/05/23ordinariono alfabetizado
29/06/23until 08/06/23ordinariono alfabetizado
27/07/23until 06/07/23ordinariono alfabetizado
28/09/23until 07/09/23ordinariono alfabetizado
26/10/23until 05/10/23ordinariono alfabetizado
30/11/23until 09/11/23ordinariono alfabetizado

Where will the exam take place

The CCSE test can be taken at Costa de Valencia, a Spanish language school accredited by the Cervantes Institute for the teaching of Spanish. Our experience in organising official Spanish exams and qualifications is a guarantee of quality in the organisation of the CCSE tests with all the COVID-19 health prevention protocols.

Description of the Test

The test consists of 25 closed-answer multiple-choice questions, divided into two formats: multiple choice with three options, or binary choice of true or false. You have 45 minutes to complete the test. Sixty percent of the items are related to government, legislation and the role of citizenship. The rest (40% of the items) are related to Spanish culture, history and society in general.


Each correct answer scores "1" point, incorrect answers score "0" and are therefore not penalised. At least 15 questions must be answered correctly in order to pass the examination.

Approximately 20 days after taking the test, the Instituto Cervantes notifies by email that the results are available and publishes the results in each candidate's personal space (at where each candidate can find out the result and download, if applicable, a certificate with official value.