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Valencia, cosmopolitan and beautiful, has wisely combined its rich cultural history with absolute modernity.


Don’t miss out on the most unique elements of Valencia; from the more than 2000 years of history in the Historic Centre, to the cutting edge of Spanish architecture in the City of Arts and Sciences.

A pleasant walk can be started in the cathedral complex, which comprises the Basílica de la Virgen, the Cathedral, the Miguelete (bell tower) and the Generalitat Palace. Then, a little further down, an abundance of architecture, smells, tastes and friendly warmth permeate the Central Market, together with the Lonja, a building declared World's Cultural Heritage. Just a short stroll onwards, the Town Hall (home to the Municipality’s History Museum) stands serene.

However, Valencia also propels itself into the future with new spaces for leisure and meeting activities.  The great project that defines the city’s futuristic aesthetic is the City of Arts of Sciences, This complex, consisting of four differentiate parts: the Palace of Arts; the Science Museum; the I-Max Cinema and the Aquarium. This architectonical complex situated at the end of the ancient bedriver is one of the most relevant tourist and cultural sites in the city of Valencia.

Inside the Lonja Valencia
Marquis of Dos Aguas
Colón Market
Bridge Valencia
City of Arts and Sciences
Miguelete - bell tower of the Cathedral of Valencia
Historical Center
Silk Lonja Valencia
Museum Pio V
Church of Santa Catalina
Central Market in Valencia