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CCSE and DELE exam for the Spanish citizenship DELE A2

Exams CCSE and DELE A2 as a requirement for the acquisition for the Spanish citizenship 

These two tests, which are especially designed and administered by the Cervantes Institute, are since October 2015 required for applying for the Spanish citizenship. (To find out more about other requirements to obtain the Spanish citizenship please contact the Spanish Ministry of Justice). Excluded from these tests are minors and people legally incapacitated. 

Those two tests are the following:

  1. DELE exam, level A2
  2. CCSE exam

CCSE and DELE exam for the Spanish citizenship DELE A2


One of the requirements to acquire the Spanish citizenship is to pass the DELE Exam to prove an A2 level of language or superior. With this test it is confirmed that the applicant knows, at least, the basics of the Spanish language. Persons with a citizenship of a country in which Spanish is one of the official languages are exempt from taking the exam. 


Enrollment to the DELE EXAM 

Registration for the DELE A2 exam can only be done online at

The DELE A2 exam fee is €130 and must be paid via the  website with a credit card.

To make your registration easier, we have developed a guide so that you can register step by step without any problems: DELE/CCSE Guide. and take the exam at our centre.



Within approximately two / three months of taking the DELE exam, the Instituto Cervantes sends an email to each candidate who has taken the exam, informing them of the grade obtained in their exam. This score is also available in the candidate's personal area on the website. This document certifies the result of the exam and is officially valid.


Dates 2022

18/02/22A2until 12/01/22
01/04/22A2until 02/02/22
21/05/22A2until 16/03/22
01/07/22A2until 04/05/22
09/09/22A2until 13/07/22
07/10/22A2until 24/08/22
19/11/22A2until 05/10/22


How can one prepare oneself for the exam?

Costa de Valencia, escuela de español, offers a course specially designed to pass the DELE A2 exam. Our courses are taught by teachers with extensive experience in the field of language teaching and are DELE examiners, so they know in depth the structure and operation of these exams.

The material, included in the price, is specially designed for the preparation of each part of the exams and provides the candidate with the skills that will enable him/her to pass the DELE exam.


Curso de Preparación DELE A2

Classes from Monday to Thursday, from 19.30 to 21.30h, in the 4 weeks before the DELE exam day.

Special price: 125€, material included

To sign up for the course, you can:

- come to the school to pay, from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 13:00h

- sign up without having to go to the school, sending an email with proof of payment of the course to When making the transfer of 125 euros remember to indicate your name and surname in CONCEPT OF TRANSFER, so that we know who has registered for the course. Our bank account:

Account holder: Costa de Valencia, S.L. IBAN: ES25 0049 0780 4421 1188 6713