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The city of Valencia is known for the imprint of different civilizations and cultures which have enriched its cultural heritage. We invite you to know the history of Valencia and its people.


Founded by the Romans in the second century, Valencia was subsequently invaded by the Visigoths and later by the Muslims who changed the city into a bustling cultural and economic center. Liberated by el Cid Campeador, Valencia would not be reconquered until 1238; this was a period of urban changes for the city. New Christian churches appeared in the Gothic architectural style. This period corresponds with some of the city’s most emblematic buildings, such as the Serrano Towers or el Miguelete.

The 17th century brought political tensions and the great Baroque tradition. At the beginning of the 20th century, metal and textiles industries were developed; accompanied by electric power stations. During the Civil War, Valencia was – for a time – the capital of the Republican government. After this, the city suffered mass loss-of-life during the devastating floods of 1957.

Today Valencia is a city undergoing full urban transformation with many interesting buildings and tourist attractions.  


 Visiting the historic center of Valencia
Gymkana in Valencia's historic center

Palace of the " Generalitat "
Aerial view of Serrano Towers
Castle of Villena
Lonja of Valencia
Entry Valldigna
View of the Quart Towers
Alicante Castle