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Travel and medical insurance, with cancellation
For all these students who come from outside the European Union it is advisable (and in some cases indispensable for being granted with a visa) to take out a medical insurance. One of the worldwide biggest insurance companies for stays abroad is They protect thousands of people who work and study abroad.

Travel and medical insurance, with cancellation

Founded in 1998 and constituted in Canada as “Travel Healthcare Insurance Solutions Inc.”, is an insurance company of global management.


As an insurance company chosen by universities and public and private campuses, language schools and  school boards, more than 400 contributors, organizations and educative institutions trust is a company certificated by ISO 9001:2008, that is to say, with a quality guarantee in every practice and procedure integrated in each stage of their operations. An example of this is their agreement of maintaining the maximum velocity and reliability in the compliance of their services. They accomplish this by answering to registrations within 24 hours, by producing cards in 48 hours or handling complaints in less than 7 days, all of this thanks to their online system of complaints reporting and tracking. International Insurance

This insurance coverage offers economic and medical protection during your Academic Course. 



Every student under 70 years old, who have reserved a place in a Spanish course with Costa de Valencia, Spanish language school, and have reserved and received the confirmation of the insurance

The insurance also cover occasional trips or holiday trips within Europe (except in the home country) until a maximum of 21 days in a row. 

The following Summary of insurance policy will help to understand the insurance and its characteristics, coverages, limits and exclusions:






Choose the number of weeks: 
Choose the Sunday date you want the coverage to begin
E.g., 06/02/2023
9 €

(per week)