Redes sociales


Cultural, sports and free times activities

We are one of the most active schools of Spanish at promoting leisure activities which will allow you to learn and live the Spanish language outside the classes. We offer up to four free activities per day; students only have to pay in the case transport or entrance fee were necessaries. According to our slogan "Come, learn Spanish it!", with these activities we try to have our students know and take part in the daily city life, so that they can feel as one more Valencian.

Correfoc en Campanar

We are going to watch a group of people dressed up in demon's costumes, parading through the streets of the neighbourhood. 

Hiking Gorgos de la Escalera, Anna

If you like to hike then this trip will be perfect for you


Let's go on a trip to Játiva!


Come, learn Spanish… and live it!

Cooking competition: Gazpacho of La Mancha

Let’s prepare a typical Spanish meal together. The Gazpacho from the area of La Mancha is a dish which you definitely have to try once in your...


Come, learn Spanish… and live it!


Come, learn Spanish… and live it!


Let's go to spend the whole day in entire nature, only 20 km away from the center of Valencia.


Have you always wished to ride a horse but you have never dared?

Come with us!

Carnival in Ruzafa

Traditions and fun invade the streets of the Ruzafa district in Valencia. The Carnival of Ruzafa is back. 


Let's go on a trip to Santa Maria de la Valldigna's Monastery and to Gandía: Borgia's bastion


Come, learn Spanish… and live it!

Moros y Cristianos, Alboraya

The celebration of the Moros y Cristianos (Moors and Christians) is the second most popular festivity in Valencia, which take...

Fiesta de La Magdalena de Castellón

We will go to Castellon to witness the first day of the big celebration of the Magdalena

Hike Acantilados de Benitatxell

If you like to hike then this trip will be perfect for you. We will walk on one of the most beautiful and impressive hiking paths.

Moros y Cristianos, Onteniente

Let's go to Onteniente to see one of the most spectacular parades of the Moros y Cristianos festival.