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Bulls in Picassent

Bulls in Picassent
Bulls in Picassent 2
Bulls in Picassent 3
Bulls in Picassent 4
Bulls in Picassent 5
Date of the event: 
Saturday, 11, July 2020

Considering its very old bull tradition, it is logical that in Spain there are a lot of celebrations with bulls and calves at one point of the year. Picassent is a village which values said tradition. Here the streets will be closed off in the beginning and middle of July and young bulls are running through them. The adventurous visitors who dare try to challenge the bull by trying to touch its horns. While the animals run their rounds, we will go to the „chiringuitos“ where sprinklers enliven the party and the Fiesta de Picassent comes to life. This all will happen after a good breakfast organized by the school. 

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