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Oceanographic & Hemispheric

Date of the event: 
Wednesday, 8, February 2023
Wednesday, 15, February 2023
Friday, 21, July 2023

The Oceanográfico of Valencia, located within the avant-garde architectural complex of the City of Arts and Sciences, is the largest aquarium in Europe that faithfully reproduces the most important marine ecosystems of the planet. Discover the secrets of the sea thanks to the 500 different species present, such as dolphins, belugas, walruses, sea lions, seals, sharks and penguins.

To enjoy the day to the full, don't miss the audiovisual projections of the Hemisférico, the digital cinema in Imax and 3D in which every day are projected on its large spherical screen several films of a popular science type, suitable for all audiences.

Enjoy this interesting activity with us.

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