Peñíscola | Costa de Valencia Escuela de Español. Valencia, España

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Saturday, 16, September 2023
Saturday, 10, September 2022

Peñíscola is a little village which belongs to the community of Valencia and is located on the coast of Castellón. Since 2013 Peñíscola is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.  

Let’s go and visit that place together and spend without a doubt a beautiful day there!

Unique bays and beaches, the warm water of the Mediterranean in combination with nature, good cuisine, peace and beauty are only a couple things you will get to experience when in Peñísola.

Surrounded by nature, the indescribable landscape connects with the cultural heritage and forms a very special little village on the Mediterranean. Don’t think too much and pack your towels and bathing suit!


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