March 2022 | Costa de Valencia Escuela de Español. Valencia, España

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March 2022

Typical Spanish expressions - Costa de Valencia
What could be better than the local expressions of a country to make you feel like one of the locals, because in order to learn Spanish and understand in depth the context of a Spanish conversation it is important to know the expressions that are used.  It's true that it can be confusing at times, but don't despair! We...
Costa de Valencia, Spanish school. Poetry in the classroom Ele
« "As long as one feels the soul laugh, without the lips laughing; as long as one weeps, without tears clouding the pupil; as long as the heart and the head struggle on, as long as there are hopes and memories, there will be poetry!"  Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer              ...
Costa de Valencia - Escuela ELE con Ucrania
Costa de Valencia - Escuela ELE con Ucrania Free Spanish classes for refugees from Ukraine. Безкоштовне навчанння іспанської мови для біженців з України At the end of February, Russian President Putin launched military manoeuvres against Ukraine and its civilian population, sparking a war conflict we never thought could...
mi mundo en palabras
Cuando impartimos clases de español para niños, mucho del tiempo que invertimos en la preparación consiste en buscar recursos atractivos y dinámicos que sirvan para captar su atención y estén adaptados a estas edades. Para cubrir parte de esta búsqueda, el Instituto Cervantes pone a nuestra disposición un fantástico...