May 2021 | Costa de Valencia Escuela de Español. Valencia, España

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May 2021

Are you planning to come to Valencia during the summer? Now is your moment. From Costa de Valencia, Spanish language school we are preparing the summer season for the entry of new students. We will conduct all classes in person, adapting to all current measures, with the aim that students can experience both Spanish life...
International Evaluation Service of the Spanish Language
What is SIELE? SIELE is the International Evaluation Service of the Spanish Language, which certifies the level of mastery of the Spanish language through electronic media and it is aimed at students and professionals from all five continents. SIELE has international recognition and is supported by the Instituto...
  BACK TO SCHOOL SAFELY    - Current situation regarding COVID-19 -   Are you planning to travel to Valencia to study Spanish, but are afraid of possible restrictions due to the pandemic? You can rest assured!  The Valencian Community has already started its de-escalation, thanks to the...