September 2022 | Costa de Valencia Escuela de Español. Valencia, España

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September 2022

EUROPEAN DAY OF LANGUAGES Europe is a continent where 24 official languages, some 60 regional languages and many more languages from other parts of the world are spoken. To celebrate this linguistic diversity, the European Day of Languages is celebrated on September 26, an initiative launched in 2001 by the European...
DELE exams
The Diplomas de Español (DELE) are official qualifications, accrediting the degree of competence and command of the Spanish language, awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education.  The Instituto Cervantes is the body in charge of organising the exams, while the University of Salamanca in Spain is responsible for the...
Instituto Cervantes Curriculum Plan
Instituto Cervantes Curriculum Plan: Reference Levels for Spanish   Some time ago we already talked about what exactly the Instituto Cervantes was, but today we want to go deeper into what we think is a fundamental work for any teacher of ELE; the Reference Levels for Spanish. This work, published in 2006, is...
How many students does Costa de Valencia, escuela de español have? And where do they come from? – New statistical data from 09/2021 to 08/2022 Knowing the meaning of the numbers is the most important thing when stating them. Here, some aspects cannot be disregarded. For example, we have students from Italy who take a one...