July 2022 | Costa de Valencia Escuela de Español. Valencia, España

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July 2022

Valencia: uno de los destinos favoritos para aprender español.
Valencia: one of the favorite destinations to learn Spanish. If you come to Valencia to learn Spanish... you will not regret it! This destination has become one of the favorite destinations for students. We explain why. "Time' magazine chooses Valencia as one of the 50 best places in the world 2022". Thanks to the...
Lecturas graduadas en español
Graded readings in Spanish   One of the best resources for learning and improving in a foreign language is reading, because thanks to it we can, among many other things, expand our lexicon, reinforce spelling and grammar or improve the discursive aspect of our written texts. Moreover, if we manage to connect with...
Costa de Valencia explica la horchata
It's the middle of July and in Valencia, with this heat, we all feel like a refreshing horchata with fartons. Because yes, in Valencia, apart from our well-known paella, we also have other gastronomic delights characteristic of our land, with horchata (orxata in Valencian) being one of the best known. It is a sweet drink...
Examen CCSE y curso de preparación
Exams CCSE and DELE A2 as a requirement for the acquisition for the Spanish citizenship  These two tests, which are especially designed and administered by the Cervantes Institute, are since October 2015 required for applying for the Spanish citizenship. (To find out more about other requirements to...