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Spanish SIM card

Prepaid cards in Spain

Although EU roaming charges have already been abolished, using a Spanish SIM card can also be quite advantageous for EU citizens. If the stay abroad is longer than four months, the functions may be restricted by the home card provider.

What cheap prepaid cards are available in Spain? This question comes up again and again: which providers are there, how much do the individual offers cost and where and how can I buy a prepaid card? Overview of the cheapest providers of prepaid cards in Spain:

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  1. Movistar

Movistar is its own network provider and has several prepaid tariffs, including data volume. 

  1. Orange

The independent network operator Orange offers prepaid cards with a combination of telephony and data volume.

  1. Vodafone

You can find tariffs very similar to the two above on the network operator Vodafone.

  1. Simyo

    Simyo is not an independent network operator either, but uses the Orange network. The best offer in terms of cheap prepaid cards with a high data volume can be found at Simyo.  You can get a Simyo card at various points of sale. You can find an overview here.

    Buying and topping up a Spanish prepaid card

    To buy a prepaid card (Prepaid SIM card), you need your identity card or passport. Your DNI number is usually entered by the seller where the Spanish N.I.E. number is usually stated.

    When you buy the card, you can load it directly with the amount you want, so that you are the first to stock up. If you want to load the card yourself later, you can do so in many supermarkets, petrol stations or kiosks. If you do not speak Spanish, it is useful to write a note in advance with your top-up request. The word "recargar" in Spanish means to top up. You also need to know the phone number you want to top up, the amount you want to top up and the provider. Example: "top up 10€, Phone 996654321, Vodafone". If you want to top up your Spanish prepaid card online, this is currently only possible if you have a Spanish credit card.

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