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CCSE and DELE exam for the Spanish citizenship

Examen CCSE y curso de preparación

Exams CCSE and DELE A2 as a requirement for the acquisition for the Spanish citizenship 

These two tests, which are especially designed and administered by the Cervantes Institute, are since October 2015 required for applying for the Spanish citizenship. (To find out more about other requirements to obtain the Spanish citizenship please contact the Spanish Ministry of Justice). Excluded from these tests are minors and people legally incapacitated. 

Those two tests are the following:

  1. DELE exam, level A2
  2. CCSE exam



One of the requirements to acquire the Spanish citizenship is to pass the DELE Exam to prove an A2 level of language or superior. With this test it is confirmed that the applicant knows, at least, the basics of the Spanish language. Persons with a citizenship of a country in which Spanish is one of the official languages are exempt from taking the exam. 

Enrollment to the DELE EXAM 

Enrollment to the DELE exam, level A2 can only be performed online:

The fee for the exam is 130€ and have to be paid immediately by a credit card through the webpage:

The registration deadline begins on November 12, 2019 and ends one and a half month before the date of the exam. You can also send an e-mail to for further instructions. You can also use this guide to register: DELE/CCSE Guide.


Dates 2021

08/10/21A2until 25/08/21
13/11/21A2until 06/10/21


Dates 2022

18/02/22A2until 12/01/22
01/04/22A2until 02/02/22
21/05/22A2until 16/03/22
01/07/22A2until 04/05/22
09/09/22A2until 13/07/22
07/10/22A2until 24/08/22
19/11/22A2until 05/10/22



How can one prepare oneself for the exam?

Costa de Valencia, escuela de español, offers a course specifically designed to pass the DELE exam, level A2.

The courses are taught by experienced lecturers who are also DELE examiners, therefore knowing the structure and schedule of the exam well.  

The used material, which is included in the price, is specially designed to prepare each part of the test. This makes it easier for the candidate to prepare specific skills that will help the student pass the exam.





The second test it the CCSE Exam (Conocimientos constitucionales y socioculturales de España). Here it should be demonstrated, that the candidate has knowledge of the place he wants to live in. This knowledge contains cultural, social and legal fundamental concepts. For full information, please visit

Enrollment to the CCSE Exam

Enrollment to CCSE exam can only be performed online: Adults who are 18 and able to work can enroll to take this exam.

The fee is 85 €. The payment of the fee allows the examinee to participate on a second exam date, in case the first try was failed.

The period of enrollment ends around 20 days before the exam takes place.  You can also send an email to You can also use this guide to sign up: Guida DELE/CCSE.


The exam takes place on the last Thursday of the month. August and December are not included.  


Day of examRegistration
30/09/21until 09/09/21
28/10/21until 07/10/21
25/11/21until 04/11/21


Day of examRegistration
27/01/22until  06/01/22
24/02/22until  03/02/22
31/03/22until  10/03/22
28/04/22until  07/04/22
26/05/22until  05/05/22
30/06/22until  09/06/22
28/07/22until  07/07/22
29/09/22until  08/09/22
27/10/22until  06/10/22
24/11/22until  03/11/22

Where will the exam take place

At Costa de Valencia, escuela de español you can be prepared for the tests and take them. The school has been accepted by the Instituto Cervantes as a Centre for Spanish lessons and is therefore authorized to perform the DELE Exams. Our experience with the organization of the exams and the official certificates guarantee high quality with the preparation of the different exams.

Description of the Test

The test contains of 25 questions, divided in two formats: Multiple-choice with three choices of answer, and true-or-false- questions. The exam will be taken in the Spanish peninsular variety. The test takes 45 minutes. 60% of elements contain knowledge of the government, legislation and papers regarding the citizenship. The rest of the test (40 %) attends to the Spanish culture, history and society. The curriculum plan of the Cervantes Institute, with the blocks “Cultural References” and “Knowledge and socio-cultural behavior” form the foundation of the questions.  


Every right answer is worth one point, wrong answers are worth zero points without penalties.Therefore, a maximum number of 25 points can be reached.
Maximal 20 days after taking the test, the results will be published. If the test passed, the examinee can download the certificate. 

The Cervantes Institute so offers the possibility to apply for revision of the test, if the examinee is not satisfied with his results.