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Today we would like to recommend the free digital magazine TECLA to all those teachers of Spanish who are always on the lookout for new materials or articles related to didactics and new developments in the world of ELE.

               This magazine, published every four months by the Consejería de Educación in the United Kingdom and Ireland, is dedicated to the world of ELE and although part of it focuses on issues related to the teaching of Spanish in the United Kingdom and Ireland - issues which are not alien to the rest of ELE teachers - most issues also include didactic exploitations related to some aspect of Hispanic cultures.

The journal consists of both open sections, in which teachers and schools teaching Spanish in the UK and Ireland can participate by sending their own proposals, and non-open sections, which are prepared directly by the journal's advisory board.

We have free access to issues of this magazine from 1991 to the present day. What we like most about this publication is:

  • Ease of access, downloading and consultation of the contents through its issues or sections.


  • As a four-monthly magazine, it covers current issues, studies and articles that are representative of the current situation.


  • The magazine contains different parts that allow easy access to the content that interests us at that moment:


  • Tecla Entrevista: as its name suggests, interviews are conducted with teachers, consuls or employees of different official bodies related to Spanish and its culture.


  • Tecla Proyectos: in this section you can find out about organisations, schools, associations, etc. related to the world of Spanish.


  • Tecla Profesorado: this is, in our opinion, one of the most interesting sections, because in it, Spanish teachers, from their own experience, tell anecdotes, problems, resources or ideas for language classes that are usually very close and useful to us.


  • CLIL key: CLIL methodology or CLIL in Spanish (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is here to stay. This approach, which is particularly relevant in formal education contexts, requires teachers who not only teach foreign languages, but also use this same language to cover the contents and objectives of these disciplines or subjects such as history, geography, physics, etc. In this section, we will provide different ideas, resources and even activities that will help us to bring this methodology to our classrooms in a coherent and sequenced way.
  • Tecla Textos: this is a collection of didactic exploitations of representative texts of Hispanic culture, ready to take to the classroom. In addition to reading-related activities, they contain solutions and are presented in three levels according to their difficulty: A, B and C.


  • Tecla País: similar to the previous section, this is a text mining, with activities and solutions, but this time focusing on real articles published in the famous newspaper El País.

We recommend taking a look at this publication, as we are sure you will find material and information relevant to your work.

ACTI España - costa de valencia

But if you want even more, the same Department of Education also offers another digital magazine, ACTI, which brings together activities created by language assistants who have worked in the UK and Ireland. If you are short of ideas or are looking for materials to complement your programme, check it out and you will find many activities, divided by levels and designed for school contexts (from primary to secondary) that can be used very easily in high school classes with large groups